Me Before You: First Official Trailer Warning: If you loved Me Before You so much (because it made you cry a lot!) this trailer will give you goosies!  Yes, I love Jojo Moyes and I sooooo loved Me Before You (Me Before You, #1). ❤ This will be released in cinemas on June 03! Who's as excited as me? P.S. Emilia Clarke is… Continue reading Me Before You: First Official Trailer

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So I was tagged by Dimple of Enthralling Dimple with The Emoji Book Tag! So thanks Dimple! 🙂 This book tag is made by seven booktubers namely; Liz from lizlovesliterature, Jenny from Jellafy, Sanaa from InkBonesBooks, Dylan from dylanbooks, Max from WellDoneBooks, Vilde from vforvilde and Scott from Scott Place.  The rules are simple, you just have to relate your five most-used or latest-used EMOJIs… Continue reading Tagged: The Emoji Book Tag