time zones

High-pitched giggles of sparrows no longer echo inside the cave of my ears before the kraa kraa of your crows disrupt your evening's fiction dreams. Yet what a gift that despite our clock's different schemes your early and my early daily meet in between. — 10.23.2018 ©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash… Continue reading time zones

Breathing Whispers

I heard your soul's sighs and your heart's cries as your mind tries to silence fear of ends and byes. So I stamped the wind with my love’s breathing whispers, crossing 2,000 miles of seas and lands, to bring my kiss of forever. — 01.17.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Unsplash In… Continue reading Breathing Whispers

Solitary Suicide

Foolish. Naïve. Crazy. My friends have been engraving those words in my mind for months now since I told them about you. They asked, “How can you love someone you haven’t seen.” I smiled and answered, “How can I not?” They said loving you is like walking slowly towards a deadly cliff. Once I fall,… Continue reading Solitary Suicide

Monday Morning Melts #5

Rosema: Most of the time, love is expressed and felt through physical intimacy. Touch. Kisses. Hugs. But how about loving someone from afar? How about loving someone you haven’t seen yet? How about falling for someone’s soul residing in a body thousand miles away from you? Will it be a gamble worth committing? Will it… Continue reading Monday Morning Melts #5

Dear Distance*

Dear Distance* A  free verse collaboration with my poetry Queen and my dear soul-sister Nandita of Manan Unleashed. *Does distance destroy or nurture love? This poem is inspired by two special people I truly adore, as I am witnessing how their love traverse spaces and time zones. Thank you Nandita for sharing your eloquent pen with me. ❤ It is both… Continue reading Dear Distance*