Dear Judgement*

*Part of the  free verse “Dear Series” collaboration with my poetry Queen, my dear soul-sister, my cheerleader and encourager, my lovely friend, Nandita of Manan Unleashed.

Dear Judgement*

Once accepted,
I can’t be erased.
Once received,
I can’t be fazed.

Once you enter
you are usually seen.
Empathy is my mentor
I will not let you in.

I break hearts,
and infect minds,
turn lies to art,
make truths blind.

Hearts gets bleeding
You are so unkind.
A parasite feeding
on the feeble mind.

With self-righteous man,
I will surely flourish.
Cause there is no one
better than all he is.

You’re so hell bent
I hope you do your penance.
Dear Judgement,
I bid you good riddance.

Photo: DeviantArt

Thank you again my dear Nandita for another fierce yet meaningful collab! Your are the queen of stanzas, no doubt. ❤

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