After My Demons Win

I let my demons win. I let my soul forget the love you bring. I let envy reign in me. I let insecurity flood within me. I let frustrations erase Your actions. I let my selfishness blur my visions. Almost an hour inside my self-imposed asylum, after I let depression poison me like helium, I… Continue reading After My Demons Win

When My Demons Win

Tonight I will let my demons win. Go envy, speak yourself. Ask why among my friends I have the lowest almost minimum-wage salary. Why it's easy to increase theirs, but hard for me. I only want to provide for my family, to buy my mom some groceries, while my friends mostly spend their money on… Continue reading When My Demons Win

Inner Spoiled Brats*

I won't stop nor shut up, until you sit, write and let me out. *words to me — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Doug Robichaud Inspired by a recent conversation with my new-found great poet-friend, Azul. 🙂 Words and characters can really be brats, eh? 😀 ~