10 things i am thankful for

After some weeks of absence, I finally have the time to do another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Artsy Reader. Coincidentally, the theme for today is

November 24: Thanksgiving/I’m Thankful for… Freebie.

For the past few months, I have written about my forced aloneness (thank you, COVID) in a foreign land. You can read some poems here, here, here, and here.

We may be divided in a couple of topics but there is a sense of unity about the chaos that is 2020. It is, however, I believe not a year lost. For me, it gave me some time to pause. To reflect and find (consciously) things that I should be grateful for despite and in spite of the longing.

So here are tiny but essential things that kept me breathing:

1. I am grateful for the publication of my third poetry collection: In Three Lines (short poems) and to those who have gotten their copies.

It is a collection of more than 100 three-line poems about life, love, and everything in between. From classic haikus, little senryus, and free verses, this book of poetry is a respite amidst the chaos of the human heart.

2. I am grateful that I have Scribd. Scribd is an e-book and audiobook subscription which allowed me to read as much as I want. 🙂

3. I am grateful for the reviews I received for my second poetry collection Poems for S: perhaps volume 1.

Poems for S (perhaps volume 1)

Review #1:

If you love writing poems like me, then grab this book for inspiration and get you to write even more.

Reading Poems for S was like being a third wheel (in a good way) on the author’s journey of love. I was tagged along smooth roads, hard curves, and even bumpy roads where you’ll realize that love is indeed sweet, kind, patient, and sometimes scary and hurtful. I like how these feelings were written, and how she immortalized the person she wrote these poems for and the love they both have for each other.

I also appreciated how the author showcased different poetic forms and even defined and explained them at the end. A goody to all readers who want to write poems.

For me, this book deserved five stars for a writer who was honest and brave to share her love story. 

4. I am grateful for Sara Bareilles’ songs. She has released an album this year and again, her lyrics and voice felt like a warm hug.

5. I am grateful that this year has proven productive for my reading-self. My Goodreads challenge is quite an evidence:

6. I am grateful that I am blessed to still have a job which I really care for and truly enjoy.

7. I am grateful for Facetime, Skype, Messenger and the existence of the internet. These platforms, albeit the “data harvesting” proved to be essential for my 2020 survival.

8. I am grateful for the moments when I was able to fry a perfect fish fry (among the dishes I can now cook).

9. I am grateful that even when I lost a dear loved-one this year and a few friends had COVID, in the end, our family and friends are safe despite the distance.

10. I am grateful for the husband God has given me. He picked me up whenever I stumble. He provided hope when mine is drying. He is quick to count the blessings when my eyes are blurry with tears. He is my anchor. He is my steady fortress. He is my heart’s home, albeit far.

Bonus: I am most grateful for the faith instilled in me since I was a child. Because of this faith, I have hope. And indeed, hope is a thing with feather. It can keep you afloat despite the weight you carry.

What are you thankful for?

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O v e r f l o w

In Psychology they say,
the glass will be half empty
or half full based on
how you see it,

on my way home
late last night,
I paused a minute
to look up
to the hundreds
of the stars I can see,
and the thousands more
I cannot see.

For some reasons
they reminded me
of the many things that stains
my heart with melancholy,
and the much more things
unknown to me
that should paint me happy.

So I choose
to start my journey
to discovering
each unchartered joys
life has hidden for me.

I’m sure the glass
will not only be full,

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Happy Monday, everybody! 🙂

On Choosing Happiness


My dear, my darling, my love,
choose happiness,

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For 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge as tagged by devereaux frazier and Ladylee Manila. ❤
Please join if you want. Let’s spread some motivations? 🙂

Acrostic for Brother

Creator of poignant, moving poetry—
History told effectively,
Relevant events affecting humanity.
Ink-stained fingers also weave,
Sweet and blessed psalms that beat.
Together with his wise, sharp mind,
Over and over he graciously offers
Praises and clear insights.
He always read between the lines,
Even see beyond the writer’s rhymes.
Receive this late greeting I offer, to you my writing reader brother named…

Photo credit: Unsplash

Written for one of my favorite readers, the writer of relevant, poignant and moving unique poetry, Christopher of CLCouch123, who I fondly call brother.

I missed greeting you on your exact birthday but I won’t let your birthday week ends without this gift! 🙂 Happy birthday brother! I pray for all the answers to your prayers. 😉 ❤

Notice of Absence


Here is a bunch
of lovely tulips,
and a cup
of dark coffee.
Let’s have
a short date?
Please join me?

I just want
to say thanks
for reading
my poems
and posts.

I appreciate
your comments,
they warm my heart-
erase torments.

I just also
want to
let you know
I’d be out
starting today (GMT +8).
Though I have lots
of scheduled posts. 🙂

It’s not a must
but I’ll appreciate
if you’ll 
still make your
presence felt
while I am
absent. ❤

‘Cause I
will be back,
and that’s a

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The best of 2015

More than the number of followers, more than the number of views, it is the words from my co-bloggers that encourage me the most. – rosemawrites

The first week of 2016 was over but my gratefulness for the past year has not ended yet.

Today, for my 50 Days of Gratefulness’ Day 35,36 and 37, let me make a simple thank you note for the five lovely ladies who have never ran out of kind words for me last year.

According to the awesome WordPress’ annual report, here are A Reading Writer’s top commenters!



Yes! Aren’t they are all lovely! 😀 If you have no idea who they are, let me tell you who are they and how they surely made my year extra-awesome! ❤

1. Jacqueline (but for me she’s Jacq), is the lovely ‘face behind acookingpotandtwistedtales. She “is a passionate Nigerian woman, a gregarious and an avid reader who loves writing and telling stories.”

Our roads crossed during the Writing 101 course last September. From then on, we have exchanged a great deal of chit-chats. From personal stories to writing tips, we have surely talked about that. 🙂

Her posts, both fictions and non-fictions are mostly empowering and inspiring. And her generosity is shining brightly through her blog.

I am really more than grateful to have known her! She’s truly a gem to have as a (virtual) friend.

2. Fun Simplicity (for me, she’s Fun!) is the lovely writer behind her newly ‘renovated’ lovely blog Simply Me. She has surely chosen that name and blog title with a purpose, and for me, that’s to shower optimism in blogosphere! ❤

Like Jacq, Fun has been a great supporter and encourager since Writing 101. I will never ever forget how she openly showed support for my first-ever short story Seasons. She was actually the reason why I have written the entire series! (Yes, Fun! I’ve said that to you, right? :D)

Her blog has a great collection of stories, anecdotes and random thoughts that I have always enjoyed. Our chats are always one of the things that made me blog more and more!

I am really more than thankful that I have her as a (virtual) friend! We have so much in common, even our childhood trinkets are the same, and she is always be my best buddy here in WP! ❤

3. Melinda (or simply Mel) is the enchanting poetess behind the blog in media res and the magical novel titled  Stars and Angels Sing: A Curse Breaker Novella. She is a project manager by day and a writer by night.

I first read her exquisite words during the Writing 201: Poetry course last year (I think it was October). I was quite shy and intimated, honestly, because I can truly sense how a great writer she was. But after another course together, we get along! I am somehow wrong to be intimidated by her but I am definitely right that she is a great scribbler!

If you’re in doubt, or curious, go check her blog and read those fascinating stories that will truly wake up your imagination. I am a self-proclaimed no-fan of magical fictions but her short story series surely tickled my brains!

A great writer as she is, it is quite endearing how humble she is during our simple conversations. So I am truly grateful that her presence is felt here in A Reading Writer.

4. Annie, (or my dear Annie) is a lovely woman born near the sea, raised in the hills and in love with the mountains, is the awesome lady behind What the Woman Wrote. Her life’s simple joys, her simple dreams and her simple goals are enough to conceive a lovely blog.

Like Fun and Jacq, it was the Writing 101 who became the bridge that connected the two of us. As both lovers of purple, yeah, and coffee (did I remember it right, Annie?), we have been blogger friends for quite a while now, exchanging thank you’s, your welcome’s and encouraging yet honest words, AS ALWAYS. ❤

Her poetic talent, her flawless short stories, her honest anecdotes will surely make you want to read what she wrote. She is one of those succinct writers, who defies length with substance. She writes with few words, but she can make them breathe life.

As always, I am grateful to have you on my back, Annie! 🙂 You are one of those lovely women that I always look forward to talking to! 🙂

5. Last but definitely not the least, is Ishma, the lovely lady whose pride of her Indian roots and her being a Muslimah and obsessed with travelling and reading. With her youthful mind, her self-titled blog Ishma Imroz can truly brighten up your day!

Ishma has been one of my Writing 101 classmates, too! And her youth and wit actually created that bond between us. I have been missing her for quite awhile now as she’s now busy at school. But when she’s around, she will surely make her presence felt.

A self-proclaimed poetess, she choose to create stories by poems. And with her age, it is quite amazing how she writes with depth and sometimes wit! 

She may not be around most of the time, but I am truly thankful for our little chitchats, and language tutorials, too! 😀


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DAY 35, 36 and 37 of 50 Days of Gratefulness

Last Saturday, yesterday and today, I am grateful to have these five amazing ladies as my (virtual) blogger friends!

And to you, who was not able to make it to the Top 5, but has been consistently supporting me throughout my journey as a writer, a reader and a writer, thank you!



It’s 6 o’clock.

Finally, I can now go.


You have to edit this.

You have to send that.

You have to write this.

You have to check that.

Okay, 6:30.



Still no.


7:15 off I go.

With eyes tired, mind drained, energy low.

I whispered a simple prayer

that’s nearly impossible.

A bus with a seat, I hoped for.

I arrived at the bus bay and waited.

Seconds later, my prayer’s answered.


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DAY 3 of 50 Days of Gratefulness

Today I am grateful for God’s answers to my simplest prayers.

Odd as it may seem, a bus where I can still sit during my almost 2 hours ride home is as seldom as raindrops during dry season.

But last night, a yellow bus with a lot of vacant seats arrived a few seconds after I started waiting.

I guess with Him, no prayer is too big or too small. 

He’s surely waiting for your whisper. Go tell him.


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: Expressing Gratitude

three day 3 quotes

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings,” ― William Arthur Ward

Is there anything worth being grateful for?

Yes, there’s a lot.

Maybe because it’s December. Maybe because Christmas is coming. Maybe because 2015 is about to end. Maybe because a new year will be here soon.

I don’t know why, but my heart is now full of gratitude.

Work’s still busy, (it’s evident because for the second week in a row I missed posting for A Reading Writer’s weekly feature Monday Musings and Top Ten Tuesdays).

Christmas bonus is still aren’t with me (yep, it’s heartbreaking!).

But I am blissful, I am thankful, I am grateful.

Grateful for a lot of things that I plan to discuss for 50 consecutive days, starting on Sunday, December 06.

Before that, I personally want to thank some awesome bloggers for the award nominations that have piled up already.

Thank you:

and lastly and the newest of them all…

I cannot express how thankful I am for you guys and may you all forgive me for not posting them soon. 🙂

After reading this post, please ask yourself, “Is there anything to be grateful for?”

I hope your answer is yes.

Until you have a heartbeat, it should be a yes.


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