Bus and Break

the rushing wind kisses my cheeks as i keep the bus' window open. we are zigzagging and zooming because 6 in the morning is synonymous to a free-flowing highway. no traffic. no accidents (yet). as my eyes stare at the birthing of yet another sun, my ears is swimming on a familiar tune. a tune… Continue reading Bus and Break


Shine (Inspired by Yellow by Coldplay) Just like the glorious yellow sun, darling, you are made to shine. Remember you’ll not remain hidden among the black-veiled night sky. Darkest evenings can’t stop you from rising, rising oh so high. — 10.24.2016 ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Unsplash In response to November Notes Writing Challenge… Continue reading Shine

Woman’s Worth: A Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme*

Woman’s Worth: A Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme* Your staring wide grinning eyes consume the beauty I behold. From my face to my toes you gaze as if I’m a shining gold. Words will be futile, ‘cause your malicious gape speak for itself. Dark dreamy, steamy scenes your mind creates, I can see myself. Stop!… Continue reading Woman’s Worth: A Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme*