Bus and Break

the rushing wind kisses my cheeks as i keep the bus’ window open. we are zigzagging and zooming because 6 in the morning is synonymous to a free-flowing highway. no traffic. no accidents (yet). as my eyes stare at the birthing of yet another sun, my ears is swimming on a familiar tune. a tune the heart needs as morning booster and as a balm to yesterday’s hurt. feet tap tap. fingers tap tap. you’re not breaking me.

a summer-like song
for a winter-frozen heart.
i will beat again.

So the song I was talking about in this piece is Unbreakable Smile by Tori Kelly.
La da da da dee, you’re not breaking me
La de da da da, ain’t got time for ya, singing
La da da da dee, you won’t shatter me
La de da da da, got an unbreakable smile
P.P.S. And because I don’t drive I realistically describe a day on a bus. 🙂
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In response to dVerse‘s Haibun Monday: Tramps like us were born to survive… by kanzensakura.
Today, I’d like you to write about singing along with your music and driving.  Off on a trip, off on vacation, soothing yourself and just driving at night, driving out your anger or your grief, shared a few songs with a friend?


Shine (Inspired by Yellow by Coldplay)

Just like the glorious yellow sun,
darling, you are made to shine.
Remember you’ll not remain hidden
among the black-veiled night sky.
Darkest evenings can’t stop you
from rising, rising oh so high.

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In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by my love Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies and yours truly. ❤


Woman’s Worth: A Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme*


Woman’s Worth: A Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme*

Your staring wide grinning eyes consume the beauty I behold.
From my face to my toes you gaze as if I’m a shining gold.
Words will be futile, ‘cause your malicious gape speak for itself.
Dark dreamy, steamy scenes your mind creates, I can see myself.
Stop! For your soul’s sake put your vicious visions in state of dearth.
I have wise mind and kind heart, they are my assets since my birth.

I am more than flawless face and bare body that’re rare on earth,
I am more than the lustful illusions you can never hold,
I am more than the photo-shopped babe in your men’s cave bookshelf,
I’m more than what you can see and feel. No words can speak my worth.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

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In response to Napowrimo Day 27. (yes, I’m catching up! :D)


Today’s prompt comes to us from Megan Pattie, who points us to the work of the Irish poet Ciaran Carson, who increasingly writes using very long lines. Carson has stated that his lines are (partly) based on the seventeen syllables of the haiku, and that he strives to achieve the clarity of the haiku in each line. So today, Megan and I collectively challenge you to write a poem with very long lines.

*Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme

Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme is an invented form found at Shadow Poetry, created by Laura Lamarca. The Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme is:

  • a decastich, a poem in 10 lines.
  • syllabic, 15 syllables per line.
  • rhymed, rhyme scheme aabbcccabc.

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