The Wedding

Memories rushes back as I slowly walk down the aisle. A hotel singer falling in love with the hotel pianist sounds fairytail-ish but ours is more than that. When we met, he already has an engraved golden band on his finger while a shimmering diamond-embellished ring is on mine. I quit my job to stop… Continue reading The Wedding

The Stream

How beautiful. Gently rushing, lightly kissing chunks of boulders you passed. How calm. Silently whispering, softly creating ripples and plopping sounds.   If you stayed that beautiful that night, my family and I would not be homeless. If your shy waters remained calmed and your current remained consistent, undisturbed, our community wont be in this… Continue reading The Stream

The Predator

Like a predator waiting for a prey, I let myself be lost in this dark and mute cloak-like hole behind the thick brick wall. She's coming, soon. With eyes focused in my treasured black bag, which has been 'mine' since I was twelve, I tried to silence my growling stomach. My heartbeat races, my mouth's… Continue reading The Predator

The Remote

Today's dad's 50th birthday and we, his four naughty kids (we're adults now) have a very special surprise for him --- made possible by our sneaky youthful moves and sincere decade-long siblings-secret pact. "Happy birthday dad!" we sing in chorus as we give our heavy birthday present. “Remember when you buy remote batteries almost everyday?”… Continue reading The Remote


I won't forget that day. Amid the heart-rate machine's beep, Dad recalled how mom easily wakes up anytime of the night whenever she hears his buggy's honks. While dad's reminiscing, the doctor entered and told us that after over six months in coma, mom might not wake up again. We might just wait in vain.… Continue reading Honk


Mom always says “don’t let the sun come down without patching things up and don’t forget to kiss or even say goodbye”. But last night was the worst argument that we had. For the first time in almost sixteen years of marriage, he slept on the sofa and went to his office without saying goodbye.… Continue reading Fleeting

Morning View

I stretched my arms to reach for her, but she wasn't there, again. Sleepily, I went down, looked outside, watched her from afar. Like a radiant morning fairy, she exudes natural effortless beauty. Yet the sun rays also revealed her soundless falling tears as she stares at her dear flowers. For seven years, they have… Continue reading Morning View


It rained hard last night. I knew the school-bound path will be muddy. My old black shoes, with soles barely sticking together, are as scared as me. I know I am clumsy, and it won’t be surprising if I fall on this lily-pad-and-water-spinach-covered pond, again. It would actually be my twelfth, just in case! Slowly,… Continue reading Twelfth-Time