when i find it hard to see things that can make my old heart glad, i remember the scared eyes of my one-year-old self. my small arms hugging my then thin dad. at early 20's, with his hair middle-parted. on his left hand was a pink, birthday balloon, on his lips a small smile. his… Continue reading safe

Father’s Dilemma

What will make a teenager feel better after a sudden breakup? Maybe good food? I stared at our almost full kitchen cabinet pondering what to cook for my daughter with a broken heart. I can feel mine throbbing too. If only her mom was still here, maybe she can say the right healing words to… Continue reading Father’s Dilemma

First Forever (A Repost)

First princess for them, that’s me. First forever that’s them, for me. I am a champion among millions of racers. They are conquerors of life’s stumbling glaciers. I am a dreamer chasing high goals. They’re the cheerleaders who push me to brawl. I will marry and have family someday. But surely they will be with… Continue reading First Forever (A Repost)

WRITING 101: To my cook, hair cutter and one and only driver

I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father's equal, and I never loved any other man as much. - Hedy Lamarr ----- NOTE: This post is written both in Filipino/Tagalog and English. Para sa aking poging-poging Tatay, Buwan ng Agosto taong 2008, ang araw na bumago ng buhay ko. Yun… Continue reading WRITING 101: To my cook, hair cutter and one and only driver