Father’s Dilemma

What will make a teenager feel better after a sudden breakup? Maybe good food? I stared at our almost full kitchen cabinet pondering what to cook for my daughter with a broken heart. I can feel mine throbbing too. If only her mom was still here, maybe she can say the right healing words toContinue reading “Father’s Dilemma”

The Empty Box

If his hand is a tiled floor, a lot would accidentally fall. “Chill, love.” I assured him Dad will be delighted to know her first princess is finally engaged. But his hand, which gripped mine nervously, is so wet with his sweat. “So what’s the big news?”Dad asked as he take his seat. “Sir. Uhm,Continue reading “The Empty Box”

Meeting the Parents

Palms perspiring uncontrollably, heart throbbing ceaselessly, what’s wrong with me? My one-year boyfriend will introduce me to his parents today. He said it’s their golden anniversary and despite being separated for almost two decades, his mom eagerly waited for her dad’s come back. Thus, the grand celebration with a photo display in the old-yet-still-famous PhotoContinue reading “Meeting the Parents”

The Wake

I should be sad after the call has ended, but I am not, surely not. “Your father is dead.” ‘Oh’, is the only word I was able to say. “His remains will be at the Grace Baptist Church starting tonight.” “Okay.” “Will you be there?” “I might.” “We hope to see you.” “I will try.Continue reading “The Wake”

WRITING 101: To my cook, hair cutter and one and only driver

I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much. – Hedy Lamarr —– NOTE: This post is written both in Filipino/Tagalog and English. Para sa aking poging-poging Tatay, Buwan ng Agosto taong 2008, ang araw na bumago ng buhay ko. YunContinue reading “WRITING 101: To my cook, hair cutter and one and only driver”