Music Monday: Into The Deep Your love is a flood and I’m Caught in the current of Your living waters It’s Your love, it’s Your love Your presence is a flood And I’m caught in the wonder You have taken me over You have won my heart Citipointe Live, Into the Deep Have a blessed week, beautiful souls! I'll… Continue reading Music Monday: Into The Deep

paper dreams

i have a pocketful of folded paper cranes, inked with agony, worry, fear of my boneless brain. numb, loss, i'll wander, maybe after i watch them burn. — 08.31.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo by Dev Benjamin on Unsplash In response to Sonya of Only 100 Words‘ Three Line Tales Week 83. If you want to join, here are the… Continue reading paper dreams


i have wandered far from Your loving bay, i believed alone i can pave my own way. step one, two, then three i walked away slowly from Your presence like a bird breaking free. not knowing never have You locked me inside of Your words and light, my God, bring me back. — 08.02.2017 ©2017… Continue reading homebound

Confessions, ramblings, and everything in between

Over an hour. That is how long I have been staring at my screen flashing an unfinished article I should finish before the day ends. Eight tabs. That's how many articles and resources I have read to be able to start writing and get my mind do what it's supposed to do. Numerous words written… Continue reading Confessions, ramblings, and everything in between

Between My Bleeding Lines’ Readers: Sarah Doughty

Authenticity “In a pool of infinite darkness called life, don’t fear that light glowing beneath surface.” I am more than micro-tales of love or unbearable heartache. I am more than just pretty pictures with shallow words on crinkled paper. I’m not afraid to delve deeper into the human condition and come out the other side… Continue reading Between My Bleeding Lines’ Readers: Sarah Doughty

Fog of Fear

inside a cage filled with fog of fear, she stays alone trying to heal the scars of the past of all that is done, the ache of the present she cannot share with anyone, the uncertainty of the future coming with each rising sun. will i be able to stop looking back and leave the… Continue reading Fog of Fear

Building Values

Hand me the hammer of hope let's pound the nail of fear to create this concrete connection and make welcoming walls of visions. Come, let's mix sand of honesty with rocks of faith, and paint our ceilings with dauntless colors against termites of hate. For our wall's holes, let's place transparent windows of courtesy and our… Continue reading Building Values

Sunday Songs: Desert Song This is my prayer in the desert When all that's within me feels dry This is my prayer in my hunger and need My God is the God who provides This is my prayer in the fire In weakness or trial or pain There is a faith proved Of more worth than gold So… Continue reading Sunday Songs: Desert Song

Sunday Songs: Stars in the Sky The clouds will rain The seasons change (Cause You told them to) The sun will shine Your burning light (Cause You told it to) When You speak your words through my soul So I know it's true You're in control In control In control The stars in the sky will hang there 'til You… Continue reading Sunday Songs: Stars in the Sky

Sunday Songs: Beautiful Things All this pain I wonder if I’ll ever find my way I wonder if my life could really change at all All this earth Could all that is lost ever be found Could a garden come up from this ground at all You make beautiful things You make beautiful things out of the dust… Continue reading Sunday Songs: Beautiful Things