Earth’s Tenants: An Envelope Quintet*


Earth’s Tenants: An Envelope Quintet*

We’re just tenants and not owners
of this world called earth–
witness to billions of death, birth,
mystery’s it’s worth.
So let’s live and not be mourners.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Unsplash

In response to Napowrimo Day 22. (yes, I’m catching up! :D)


Today’s prompt comes to us from Gloria Gonsalves, who also suggested our prompt for Day Seven. Today, Gloria challenges us all to write a poem in honor of Earth Day. This could be about your own backyard, a national park, or anything from a maple tree to a humpback whale.

*Envelope Quintet

Envelope Quintet (Italian) is a 5 line verse in which the center lines are enclosed by the rhyme of the outer lines.

The Envelope Quintet is:

  • stanzaic, a quintet may be a stand alone poem or can be written in any number of 5 line stanzas.
  • meter at the discretion of the poet.
  • rhymed abcba or aabaa or abbba , subsequent stanzas may link or continue the rhyme scheme: linked abcba cdedc or abcba deced / continued is simply abcba defed etc.

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