Last Ride

This is the last part of my ‘Ride’ short story series. For best the reading experience, please read Ride and Second Ride. I am ashamed of myself while he’s laughing his heart out. This is always the scenario when our friends, our families and even our little kids recalled that fateful second ride. The tale of… Continue reading Last Ride

The Third Room

"Third room on your left." That’s the nurse’s dialogue whenever she sees me. Maybe I’m too handsome to be forgotten? Or do I look to old to remember anything? Her brown eyes’re watery. I recognize them--- tears of pity. Though I am not sure if those are for you, or for me. They're for us,… Continue reading The Third Room

Used to be Mine: A Song-based Fiction

Stranger. That is what I am. Sitting people all in black and white, I am estranged to everyone, except one person. She is the only human who knows me here. But she can never say who I am. — She’s imperfect but she tries. She is good but she lies. — Silence. Murmurs. Quiet sobs. The humans that… Continue reading Used to be Mine: A Song-based Fiction

Forever’s Ending

Today’s the first day of my last day with you. I’m a bit confuse, though, because my heart’s melancholic yet it’s full of joy. Six decades, six decades and four years to be exact. That’s how long we have been together. A lot asked how we remained committed for so long, how we kept the… Continue reading Forever’s Ending

Seasons: Epilogue

First three parts were published last Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday. Warm wind’s blowing. Loud silence’s piercing. With blank mind and an about-to-burst heart, I remained still as I look at your grave. Our story ended, more than five years ago. On that fateful autumn day, when I waited for you. But you never waited for… Continue reading Seasons: Epilogue


I have to see her before the day ends. I have to do it before the sun sets. I am shaking inside as I slowly twisted the smooth metal door knob. The smell of disinfectant welcomed me. My wrinkled skin quickly felt the cold and sterile atmosphere of the room. I can hear nothing but the… Continue reading Endings


On her deathbed, my beloved grandma handed me the letter which she has kept since it was returned by the postman three months ago. I can recall that day because that’s the last day I saw her lively. Old postman, as old as her, apologized for keeping the almost faded tattered letter. According to him, war has prohibited… Continue reading Nixie

Two-Way Journey

Ours is a story that has never been easy; of me waiting for you, of you waiting for me, of me finding you, of you finding me, of me forgiving you, of you forgiving me. Yes, it has never been easy, yet I know ‘us’ is a worthy love story. — 04.05.2016 ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading… Continue reading Two-Way Journey

Word-High July: Pagsamo

Pagsamo We have watched a lot of movies together, but there’s more to see. We have traversed roads less travelled, but there’s more to discover. We have captured a lot of treasured moments, but we can still create new ones. We have done a lot, love, but there’s more that we can do. So please, half… Continue reading Word-High July: Pagsamo


Ethereal: An Endecha* our earth’s ethereal facade made of seasons’ artistry, fades out before my two eyes when it ate your body wholly, including me. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Word Inspiration: Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies (Thanks, Sarah!) *Endecha The Endecha is a " The Canción triste que encierra un… Continue reading Ethereal