DAY Eleven

It is day 11 of 30 Day Book Challenge. So here’s my answer to the question for the day:        11.   Favorite classic book. Because this is published on 1939, I think this one’s really a classic. I just recently read And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and it is… Continue reading DAY Eleven

BOOK READS: Weekend List II

Last week's list consist three books that I would like to finish. Now, after I have grasp the reality that weekend is the perfect time to have 8-hour sleep, here is my book list for this week! 1. For One More Day by Mitch Albom - I will surely finish this book this weekend because the story is really… Continue reading BOOK READS: Weekend List II

BOOK READS: A Review and Personal History of ‘Rising Sun’ by Michael Crichton

It has been six years since I have read, for the very first time, a full length novel. This happened not because I would like to do it, this happened because it is compulsory. I was in fourth year high school during that time. My English teacher, Mrs. Emilia Rivera, required each of her students… Continue reading BOOK READS: A Review and Personal History of ‘Rising Sun’ by Michael Crichton