m y c a r r i e r

Elevated eyes can see the throngs of the wheeled machines this morning. Like row of soldiers, though not marching nor moving under the 9 a.m. sun burning.

Feet need not to tiptoe to see the jeepneys, cars, and buses, wearing the colors of the vibrant Philippines, yet tainted with the grey blanket of Manila’s dust and dirt. Honking to complain of the many minutes wasted, as if noise can widen the paved yet narrow road.

After a few steps from the rusted footbridge to the equally rugged jeep destined to be my carrier today, I embarked on my own journey to start the day’s routine. Perhaps, vehicles are armies with different passengers and captains.

Tired rubber wheels screech
against sunbathed, asphalt road,
destination reached.

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For dVerse Haibun Monday: Murmuration.

Fearful, Fearless


I said I will never ever see you again.

But I have no choice.

You’re the only option, no one else but you.


I said as I embark into a journey of improbability.

Safe or not, I have no choice.

You’re unsteady, but you’re my only option.

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DAY 41 of 50 Days of Gratefulness

Today, I am grateful that I survived MRT for three days!

Photo’s mine.

MRT or Manila Metro Rail Transit System is a rapid transit system of Metro Manila, Philippines and is composed of a single line that runs in the general direction along the north and south lanes of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA). 

That statement is from Wikipedia and I guess I would not agree that it is rapid. Rapid refers to something so fast, our train system isn’t fast! (Though it is faster compared to commuting because the EDSA traffic is surely chaotic.)

Nonetheless, I have always been fearful of riding this train because of its often glitches. It has breakdown most of the time and it has crashed into its barrier last year, which left a lot injured!

Riding MRT is truly a fearful journey, but you have to be fearless, because you have no choice. 


Second Ride was actually written during an MRT ride yesterday morning. So I guess my creative juices are not exclusive for buses? 😀



WRITING 101: GENTLEMEN, no more?

From: adventuresofalabornurse.com

I thought last night is a lucky night.

I was able to finally get a bus seat for that one-hour ride bound home. That seldom happens because usually, buses are full and I have no choice but to endure that one-hour ride, standing.

As I start reading Everything, Everything, a man sit on my side.

As a woman, I sit straight. 

To my surprise, he looked at me with a menacing eye and went to another seat.

I was puzzled. I think he thought I don’t want him beside me. 

Then later, as the bus continues to pick up passengers, he went back at my side.

To my surprise, he don’t just sit. He jostled me until I almost cannot breathe.

He kept on hustling me on the side until it become too uncomfortable.

I tried to ignore the pain in my arms that his weight is almost crushing.

I kept on reading despite the pain.

But he is insistent.

As he put almost all his weight on my left arm, he opened his Facebook account and posted:

Okay lang naman mag-bus wag ka lang makakatabi ng maarteng babae…

“I don’t have problems in riding buses not unless I sit beside a bitchy woman…”

That’s the only part that I was able to read.

Then he’s laughing. Because his post got a lot of comments.

As I sneaked, I’ve read some comments from women like me.

They are having fun that that man is jostling a woman.

They are lauding and encouraging him to keep on hustling me.

He continues to laugh.

He even looked at me with a dirty grin on his face to see if I can read how he degrades me. I can see that through my hindsight.

I stayed quiet. I kept on reading. I never let him notice how crushed I am.

But I am crying inside because I felt so helpless.

I felt so degraded.

I felt so little.

“Is that really how a man should treat a woman?”

Please give me the answers.

Because I am still shaken.

This is in response to Blogging University’s WRITING 101 Day 12 Assignment:

Day 12: Play with word count

In today’s post, pay attention to the total length of your post: if you usually write posts under 500 words, aim for longer. If you tend to write a lot, be succinct.


This is not a FICTION. This incident happened to me last night and until now I can’t stop shaking.

This experience is just so traumatizing.

I seldom post long stories but I did.

It’s because this is the only way that I think can help me rebuild my self-respect that has been shattered by this incident.

Do you have the same experience?

Please, let’s talk.