m y c a r r i e r

Elevated eyes can see the throngs of the wheeled machines this morning. Like row of soldiers, though not marching nor moving under the 9 a.m. sun burning. Feet need not to tiptoe to see the jeepneys, cars, and buses, wearing the colors of the vibrant Philippines, yet tainted with the grey blanket of Manila's dust… Continue reading m y c a r r i e r

Fearful, Fearless

No! I said I will never ever see you again. But I have no choice. You're the only option, no one else but you. - Dive! I said as I embark into a journey of improbability. Safe or not, I have no choice. You're unsteady, but you're my only option. --- ©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights… Continue reading Fearful, Fearless

WRITING 101: GENTLEMEN, no more?

I thought last night is a lucky night. I was able to finally get a bus seat for that one-hour ride bound home. That seldom happens because usually, buses are full and I have no choice but to endure that one-hour ride, standing. As I start reading Everything, Everything, a man sit on my side. As… Continue reading WRITING 101: GENTLEMEN, no more?