DAY Five

Here’s the Day 5 question of beckysblogs' 30 Day Book Challenge: Your comfort book. My 30 Day Book Challenge banner has my answer for this question. Because my comfort booksss.. are all the novels of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks  and Mitch Albom . I can now proudly say that I have read all Sparks’ book after I finished… Continue reading DAY Five

Book Reads: Weekend Book List Update

After attending a funeral and a christening, (the two ironies of life), I was not able to finish my first weekend target. (I'm sorry guys!)Instead of being able to read three novels, I finished one and I have just started one. This isn't good, but this weekend is indeed a very busy one. Though I… Continue reading Book Reads: Weekend Book List Update

Book Reads: Weekend List

For some inevitable reasons, Veronica Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho has been in my ‘Currently Reading’ list for quite some time now.My personal reasons are first, I had a lot of commitments, including a history conference, last weekend and I had so little time to read. Also, i do tend to read Coelho's novels… Continue reading Book Reads: Weekend List