Coffee Date: November Edition

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat until you calm your restless heartbeat. Hi! I am glad to finally be able to seat with you again. Order your coffee now, or maybe tea, or maybe beer? 🙂 Lend me some of your precious minutes and let's talk. 🙂 Time is fleeting. 2016 is now down to two… Continue reading Coffee Date: November Edition

Book Review: Memories by Lang Leav

“It was words that I fell for. In the end, it was words that broke my heart.” --- Lang Leav, Memories 31st - A book written by a celebrity (POET) -  Memories by Lang Leav Rating: (GREAT READ!) What is it about: Beloved pieces from Lullabies and Love & Misadventure are collected together in this illustrated treasury. In… Continue reading Book Review: Memories by Lang Leav

Quick Coffee Date!

Rushing and rushing because the days are turning, turning as the sun keeps on shining and setting! Would you like to seat for a few minutes and take some needed breather and talk, of course, have tea or coffee or beer with me! 😀 So September ended swiftly and there are not scarlet and almost… Continue reading Quick Coffee Date!

Monthly Date (Blog Content, Announcement and a Question)

Will you guys agree with me that time is in a rush? Geez. One year’s now down to four months! Too fast! So before August ends, let us have some coffee, or maybe tea. But hey! It’s A Reading Writer’s 2nd birthday so we have wines and beers and cocktails around. Cheers!!! Come, let’s start!… Continue reading Monthly Date (Blog Content, Announcement and a Question)

A Reading Writer’s 2-Year Journey

WARNING: This is a loooong post! It has been eight years since I dreamed of having a blog. Something I can call my own. Honestly, I have fears of bashers and grammar Nazis. People who might critique my write-ups. People who might oppose my opinions. Yes, it took me those long years to have the… Continue reading A Reading Writer’s 2-Year Journey

Coffee Break for June

Summer is done, raindrops are here. So lemme share another cuppa coffee with you! ❤ Productive May Thank you to somehow a peaceful work-month, May has been quite productive for me. I was able to: Finish NaPoWriMo! (I am done writing Day 26 so there are four more tough prompts to write.) Write my 2016… Continue reading Coffee Break for June

My Light (A Poem and An Important Note)

My Light: A Bergerette* it takes leap of faith, and some creeping wraith, to write. It takes great valor, and candid candor, to fight writer's agony so let your words, be my light. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Unsplash NOTE: My WP friends, please let us all be kind enough to comment back to… Continue reading My Light (A Poem and An Important Note)

Inside Blogging’s Closet: A Didactic Cinquain*

Inside Blogging's Closet: A Didactic Cinquain* Blogosphere fun, tough read, write, interact, no competition here, we're all friends dear. Growth, slow, gradual, visit sites, make friends, share thoughts, let other's words inspire your own writing soul. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Ecouterre In response to Daily Post: Closet and Napowrimo Day 19.… Continue reading Inside Blogging’s Closet: A Didactic Cinquain*

Let’s Talk (please?)

Have some coffee with me? 🙂 January is now coming to an end! (Am I the only one who feels like time really do fly?) The coming month, I can sense, will be hectic for me (work, of course!), that’s why I make the most of January and almost perfectly published two posts a day!… Continue reading Let’s Talk (please?)