WRITING 101: Questions and Answers

Writers are interpreters of their minds own language. - rosemawrites Blogging University’s WRITING 101 is now on its Day 3! I am overwhelmed by those new bloggers that I met/read for the past two days. This is indeed fun! Day 3: One-word inspiration Prompts come in many different forms. Sometimes, a single word is all… Continue reading WRITING 101: Questions and Answers

WRITING 101: Things I’ve Learned from Mitch Albom

You will not be able to write unless you read. - rosemawrites I am now on my second day of my journey as a student of Blogging University’s WRITING 101. I am really excited to do my assignment for today.  😀 Day 2: Write a list Today, write your own list on one of these topics:… Continue reading WRITING 101: Things I’ve Learned from Mitch Albom

BLOGGING 101: Who and why?

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings I have tried Blogging University’s BLOGGING 101 last year but I sadly was not able to finish it! 😦 (Yep. Sorry.) Now, I am starting from zero again! (But I am equally excited to… Continue reading BLOGGING 101: Who and why?

WRITING 101: I write because…

Writing is like breathing with words. - rosemawrites I recently joined Blogging University’s WRITING 101 and I am just so excited to finish this course, this time! Today’s assignment is: Why Do I Write? -------- I write because… This is my dream. To be honest, I took up Journalism because I want to avoid Math. (Yep!)… Continue reading WRITING 101: I write because…