Coffee Date: November Edition

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat until you calm your restless heartbeat. Hi! I am glad to finally be able to seat with you again. Order your coffee now, or maybe tea, or maybe beer? 🙂 Lend me some of your precious minutes and let's talk. 🙂 Time is fleeting. 2016 is now down to two… Continue reading Coffee Date: November Edition

A Reading Writer’s 2-Year Journey

WARNING: This is a loooong post! It has been eight years since I dreamed of having a blog. Something I can call my own. Honestly, I have fears of bashers and grammar Nazis. People who might critique my write-ups. People who might oppose my opinions. Yes, it took me those long years to have the… Continue reading A Reading Writer’s 2-Year Journey

2015 in review: A Reading Writer

2015 has been great not just because of things I ate! With hundreds of posts ideas not lost! With flock of followers my morals got powers! 2016 will surely be greater, definitely! 'Cause I still have you, reading me! --- ©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. DAY 30 of 50 Days of Gratefulness Today I… Continue reading 2015 in review: A Reading Writer


Look back and thank those who recognized your efforts. - rosemawrites In my previous Blog-a-versary post, I expressed my gratitude to A Reading Writer's First Ten Followers! Now, let me thank all those awesome bloggers who have nominated me with encouraging BLOG AWARDS! These bloggers and these awards have made my blogging journey a worth-it experience. :D… Continue reading BLOG-A-VERSARY: Blog Awards

2nd Liebster Award Nomination ~

YEEE! 🙂 I am just so happy to have my second Liebster Award courtesy of the sweet Kelly of Write. Eat. Read. Repeat. I was just a 5-day old blogger when I had my first nomination courtesy of another sweet being named paperjasmine. For those who do not know Liebster Award, it is a blog award given by a blogger… Continue reading 2nd Liebster Award Nomination ~