Childhood Treasures

Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful. – Kailash Satyarthi

I am a millennial.

I am one of those billions born during the 90’s. Titanic was a hit during that time. Pixar’s first animated movie, Toy Story was shown, technology becomes revolutionary, Philippines was hit by a strong earthquake and so on.

As the world creates it’s own memories, my infant-self was painting mine, too. And here’s a list that will give you, guys, some short of my childhood overview.

1. Printed jumpers is my major fashion statement. (Thanks, mom!)

(L-R) My cousin Jen, Joby and me!

That’s my second sister Hannah and me!

2. Picking ‘sampinit’, a local wild berry here in the Philippines, are our gang’s hobby!

These thorny plants bear red tiny fruits that are mostly sour but tastes great with sugar and powdered milk!

We manage to pose while we’re looking for sampinits! Yes, that girl with a cap is me! (facepalm)

3. School supplies should always be colorful, yes, colorful!

4. Hair clips should be moving!

This craze was started by a Filipina artist/actress named Jolina Magdangal. My mom and granny bought me a lot. I think they like it! 😀

5. Desserts are cheap, and colorful!

Haw Haw Flakes

iced gem biscuits

White Rabbit Candies

5. A day won’t be complete without Filipino-dubbed Japanese animes! 😀

Voltes V

Ghost Fighter

Fushigi Yuugi! (This one’s my favorite! :D)

6. Toys are simple, and of course colorful!

I think this is the very first toy that I can remember! 😀 Though, I enjoyed paper dolls, too!

Photo credit: FavimChoose Philippines,, and

I could list more but I have to stop now!

You made me nostalgic, Laduchessederat!

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And for this week, we are asked to list our Treasures for Childhood!

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