calendar leaves

One year ago I dived into another job, left the comfort of the four corners of a white room filled with the smell of fresh news and sweet scent of deadline sweats. With closed fists and shut eyes, I took a leap away from comfort to embrace the unknown new. Now here we go again.… Continue reading calendar leaves

O v e r f l o w

In Psychology they say, the glass will be half empty or half full based on how you see it, on my way home late last night, I paused a minute to look up to the hundreds of the stars I can see, and the thousands more I cannot see. For some reasons they reminded me… Continue reading O v e r f l o w

Word-High July: Halakhak

Halakhak The unforgiving day has worn me out. With sulky soul I entered and heard the loud laughter of mom and dad, followed by the giggles of my little lasses and lad. I went in and was welcomed by their warm smiles. My worn out soul was revived. My lungs breathe again. I am home.… Continue reading Word-High July: Halakhak

After My Demons Win

I let my demons win. I let my soul forget the love you bring. I let envy reign in me. I let insecurity flood within me. I let frustrations erase Your actions. I let my selfishness blur my visions. Almost an hour inside my self-imposed asylum, after I let depression poison me like helium, I… Continue reading After My Demons Win

Blessed at 24

24 years of Your faithfulness. - 288 months of life's both blessings and mess. - 8,760 days or even more, - I will sing of your praise, - until that day when my soul to You will soar. --- ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Indulgy DAY 50 of 50 Days of Gratefulness… Continue reading Blessed at 24

First Forever

First princess for them, that’s me. First forever that’s them, for me. - I am a champion among millions of racers. They are conquerors of life’s stumbling glaciers. - I am a dreamer chasing high goals. They’re the cheerleaders who pushes me to brawl. - I will marry and have family someday. But surely they… Continue reading First Forever