Feet on the edge of a cliff,
hanging, hanging,
just one more push Mr. Wind.

Yet sweaty hands
cling, cling,
to unseen twigs,

not willing,
not willing,
to dive, deep, deep,
into the pit of love.
I have always been

brave, blunt, honest,
but I cannot leap,
else I’ll be a mess.

I am scared, afraid
to fall… for I know you will 

not catch me.

r. c. gonzales – roy | page 13 of Poems for S
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Scribe: A Senryu*

You’re the bloody words,
that colored my frozen skin,
as winter wind ends.

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Word Inspiration: Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies (Thank you, Sarah!)


The Senryu is:

  • a poem in 3 lines or less.
  • syllabic, 17 syllables or less.
  • commonly written in 3 lines but can be written in 2 lines and can be written with fewer syllables, never more.
    • L1 5 syllables describes image.
    • L2 7 syllables, adds conflicting image or expands first image
    • L3 5 syllables provides insight (the ah ha! moment)through a juxtaposed image.
  • written as a natural human experience in language that is simple, humorous, sometimes bawdy or vulgar.
  • presented with an energy or liveliness in the focus and choice of words
  • often humorous
  • written in the moment.
  • an imagist poem (draws the humor from the image)
  • untitled but can be #ed.