A Look Back to Move Forward

It’s almost two in the morning, I am supposed to be sleeping, probably paddling through the river of dreams this night has to offer. My eyes are sleepy, my body at less than 5% of mortal battery, still I get up, still I write. The soul would never let this wee hours — when the […]

She is Me

She has seen thousands dusks and dawns kissing crawling winds combing lawns. She has felt sweet spring and harsh winters clothing her heart’s ever resilient chambers. She has lived more than two decades, with turning time she swayed and swayed. With the love and life she’s ready to give and take, she knows she will […]

Crossing (Her) Bridge

Sweaty, cold hands grip the cold rails, agonized eyes stare at her almost fading trails– footprints of all she has done, mud piles of all her missed fun, holed-patches of all she has lost, unturned stones of her dreams still at frost. Waiting lungs heave one deep, deep breath, shaky foot finally decided to take its […]

Acrostic for Brother

Creator of poignant, moving poetry— History told effectively, Relevant events affecting humanity. Ink-stained fingers also weave, Sweet and blessed psalms that beat. Together with his wise, sharp mind, Over and over he graciously offers Praises and clear insights. He always read between the lines, Even see beyond the writer’s rhymes. Receive this late greeting I […]

Fierce, Fearless and…

She is fierce and fearless. Fierce for clinging to a tattered, tough life. Fierce for voicing what she thinks is right. Fierce for loving those she loves. Fierce for always, always standing up! Fearless for saying what is true. Fearless for always starting anew. Fearless for either praise or boo. Fearless for loving but not […]

Blessed at 24

24 years of Your faithfulness. – 288 months of life’s both blessings and mess. – 8,760 days or even more, – I will sing of your praise, – until that day when my soul to You will soar. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Indulgy DAY 50 of 50 Days of Gratefulness […]