Arrangement of Whites

Photo from Emily Blincoe's Arrangements Collection. Arrangements of whites--- divine, pristine petals and buds. Laid side by side, each flower’s a delight. None can claim superiority, they all possess unique beauty. Just like women of diff’rent shapes and sizes, we are all belles of the sun that sets and rises. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All… Continue reading Arrangement of Whites


They say I’m fat, oh, I don’t do weight’s math. Yes, I don’t care! They say my nose’s flat, oh, and I have bulky butt! Hell, I don’t care! They say my face’s ugly, oh, yes I’m not pretty. Hell, I don’t care! Reading these words, of fake and fallacy, I cried. I care. — 12.14.2015… Continue reading Bullied

Beautiful – Writing 101 #13 by Melinda Kucsera: A Reblog

NOTE: Beautiful - Writing 101 #13 was ORIGINALLY written by MELINDA KUCSERA and originally posted in her blog In Media Res last November 17, 2015. All copyright belongs to her. Beautiful You’re beautiful; yes you reading these words. No matter your race or creed or color, or whether you bend your gender, these words are meant for you. For… Continue reading Beautiful – Writing 101 #13 by Melinda Kucsera: A Reblog

WRITING 201: Perfectly Unique, Imperfectly Regal

They say fat is ugly, but too skinny is not also pretty They say short is unattractive, but too tall is considered a bit gigantic. Is there really a way to be called lovely? We are created equal, so let’s not be too visual. Attitude and heart truly matters, because actions go beyond any physical… Continue reading WRITING 201: Perfectly Unique, Imperfectly Regal

WRITING 101: Not sexy, but definitely happy

I may be flabby. And you may laugh at me. I may be meaty. And surely, you can bully me. I may be fat. But I still have a heart. I may be stout. But please don’t give me doubts. Yes, I am chubby. But you have no right to tell me "I’m not worthy." Yes, I… Continue reading WRITING 101: Not sexy, but definitely happy