Beneath the Mango Tree

Beneath the Mango Tree: A Spoon River Verse* My heart hasn’t beaten, lungs didn’t breathe even. No one knows my fragile body was laid beneath the mango tree, behind a house that’s shabby, where she lived--- my unknown mommy. It was war time when she was raped, a faceless man brought her early grave. In… Continue reading Beneath the Mango Tree

Giggling Innocence: A San San*

Giggling Innocence: A San San* Your sweet giggling innocence screams, awakes asleep mem'ry. Mind's screaming silence now ends as I hear soothing cadence, your voice soothes chained spirit free. Screaming silence now giggles, your giggling innocence sends soothing cadence that tickles. --- ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Danielle MacInnes In response to… Continue reading Giggling Innocence: A San San*