Colored Strangers

While I was walking home,
someone called my name.
A genderless body
wearing a sunny smile,
a mist-kissed scent,
and a sunset orange glow.

“Hello, my name is love.
I know I might be hard.
But would you come
with me, tonight?”

Before my surprised tongue
could let a word roll out,
another face came,
wearing the blanket of
a pitch black night,
and the smoke of
a melting rubber
on its upward flight.

“Hey, I am hate.
No, don’t hesitate.
I am an easier
company, mate.”

My unsure feet
step back, one…
and then two…
Inhale and exhale,
my choice is due.

I’d rather be fried
under a sun angry
with love,
than sip
whiskey under
a calm moon
without love.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

For dVerse Unseen Things.

Not Needed

Not Needed (Inspired by Floodgates by Colbie Caillat)

Open the floodgates of your eyes
let your tears fall.
Unlock the chambers of your throat,
let your scream break walls.
Free your stuttering tongue,
let your words bleed.
Do them to excrete all your anger.
It’s not an emotion you need.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo credit: Unsplash

In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by my love Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies and yours truly.❤


On Bitterness (Plus a Leave-Note)

your heart is beautiful.


A Reading Writer is sick badly sick. -_- I am not sure when I’ll be back but I am sending you guys, a lot of love for the week.

I have scheduled poems until August 31 so I am sure you won’t miss me. 🙂

Have a great week, everyone!

Dear Anger*

*Part of the  free verse “Dear Series” collaboration with my poetry Queen, my dear soul-sister, my cheerleader and encourager, my lovely friend, Nandita of Manan Unleashed.
My dear Nandita has recently bid adieu to the blogging world (sadly) but we agreed to continue with our Dear Series. For readers who miss her eloquent poems (like me), Nandita ‘Manan’ Yata has recently released her debut book “Passion in Poetry: Whispers from the Soul”.

Dear Anger*

My scheming threads
can turn you into a puppet
A heartless, mindless robot
with fiery soul, corrupted.

Good intentions are my harness
Best wishes I don’t overrate
No space in my heart for malice
Such a soul is immaculate

Once you dive into my cliff
you will surely sink,
I bet no one will help you
until you die and shrink.

Contentment is my guide
On joyous clouds I float
Love will help me glide
Should I fall off my boat

‘Cause I am a fierce poison
that unleashes your inner demons.
Yes, I am a strong force
that’s too hard to reckon.

My demons I’ll tether
with kindness and empathy
Try your best Dear Anger
Love conquers all, I’m happy.

Photocredit: Unsplash

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Dear Hatred*


*A  free verse “Dear Series” collaboration with my poetry Queen, my dear soul-sister, my cheerleader and encourager, my lovely friend, Nandita of Manan Unleashed.

Do you know that hate is a double-edged sword?
If not, let Nandita  and I show you how and why.

Dear Hatred*

Drink me like a toxic soup
taste my cold bitter curse,
as I slowly, surely swoop
in between your brain’s curls.

In and out, you are so bitter,
you are no sugar-coated pill,
I must help you feel better
let me drink you to the fill.

Brought by tainted past
you can never forget,
I will remain and will last,
your heart I will torment.

Your past must have been hard,
anger is just masked fear.
Don’t let the future be a shard
pricking everyone near.

Kill me, yes you can,
blow my dark flaming fire.
Forgiveness, no less than
is my only bane for hire.

Let kindness be your lance,
your bane will turn into boon.
Dear Hatred, give love a chance,
love, I know, will find you soon.

Photo: Unsplash

Thank you Nandita for another great duet! I am loving our pen-partnership more because your talent in stanzas is just contagious! ❤ 

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Mondays Musings: On Holding Anger

Monday Musings

Start the week with some wise words worth pondering. – rosemawrites

Last week has been so fun as Writing 101 has been really an enjoyable class packed with awesome bloggers/classmates.

Today’s Monday Musings is inspired by our Day 9 assignment, particularly by Annie and TLizzy. These two have all the right to live with hatred but they chose the opposite direction. 

So here is my word-to-ponder for this week:

Image by JJP at

From: The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

My thoughts:

I am honestly not a forgiver. I keep records of wrongs. I may say I forgive you, but I will surely not forget.

But as I grow, as I experience rejections, as I experience life’s harsh realities, I have learned that everything really happens for a reason.

Someone may have wronged you, but that is the best way to make you stronger. 

Someone left you, but after that you discover that you are more capable than you think you are. 

I am not a ‘perfect forgiver’ yet. But I am working on it.

Because you forgive not because the person deserves forgiveness. You forgive because you deserve to be free. 

Is there a person that have wronged you that you still haven’t forgiven?

Is there a way to forgive easily?

I would love to hear it from you.