Word-High July: Dalisay



As pure as the fresh water
of the running stream,
as pure as a baby’s voice’s
first time scream,
that is you and your love
‘fore you learned the word drugs.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit: BuzzFeed, Unsplash

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words: Day 24 – Dalisay.

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Thomas said writing

senryus can be addicting.

It’s true, believe him.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

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After I have written almost ten senryus within my almost two-hour bus ride after I have posted my first senryu, I have proven the writing senryus is indeed addicting. ❤

Have you tried writing one? 🙂