Songs I Wish Were Books

“...funny how a beautiful song could tell such a sad story” ― Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key I know Valentine's is over but the The Broke and the Bookish's Top Ten Tuesday today just made my heart skip a beat. February 16: songs I wish that were books Books and songs are, for me,the greatest things invented. With a… Continue reading Songs I Wish Were Books

City Lights

As the sun surrenders to the moon, my spirit embraces its gloom. - As the day succumbs to darkness, my smile turns into blankness. - As bright city lights flickers, my tired weary heart quivers. - As humans fell asleep, my spirit starts to weep. - As the the stars're shining, my soul's slowly fading. ---… Continue reading City Lights

All of my Days

And my eyes they look unto You always And I am captured by Your Majesty All of my days I will sing of Your greatness All of my days I will speak of Your grace All of my days I will tell of Your wonderous love Your love in my life Your love --- Lyrics… Continue reading All of my Days

Hurts like Hell

Even when my strength is lost I'll praise You Even when I have no song I'll praise You Even when it's hard to find the words Louder then I'll sing Your praise - Even when the fight seems lost I'll praise You Even when it hurts like hell I'll praise You Even when it makes… Continue reading Hurts like Hell

Used to be Mine: A Song-based Fiction

Stranger. That is what I am. Sitting people all in black and white, I am estranged to everyone, except one person. She is the only human who knows me here. But surely, she can never say who I am. --- She's imperfect but she tries. She is good but she lies. --- Silence. Murmurs. Quiet… Continue reading Used to be Mine: A Song-based Fiction

WRITING 101: My soul sings

I thought it was a dream, but it isn't. Because this is real and I am here. I thought I was just listening to him, but I wasn't. Because now I am watching him live. I thought he's just a good singer, but he isn't. Because he is more than that. I thought only his… Continue reading WRITING 101: My soul sings

Music’s Beat: Moved by Kari Jobe’s Always Enough

These past two weeks have been a rough 14 days for me. Last week, my dad suffered a mild heat stroke. The acute attack left his left body numb. During his check-up, the doctor advised him to undergo a CT scan. That is a process used to check if there is damage in his brain… Continue reading Music’s Beat: Moved by Kari Jobe’s Always Enough