the year is almost over, and i am still alone

november opened with a door of hope, closing abruptly. now i am again in limbo, unsure of what will happen, what will be. i write this today for my future-self, a written reminder of the patience, faith, and resilience you have learned and gathered for the past few months.

allow me to forget proper capitalisations and grammatical rules. there is no room for proofreading in this writing where i just want to pour my heart out. a ramble, some of you may say, an effort to spill the mess i feel, i may say.

since february, i have been alone, on my own, in a foreign country where tongues speak languages, to me, remain unknown. i last held my husband’s hands almost nine months ago. i last kissed the cheeks of my baby sister more than nine months ago. i have been sleeping on a queen-sized bed, half-filled, for over 200 days now.

to say that it was painful would be an understatement. there are moments when i look out, see cars moving as usual, a scene i may have memorised already. i know that the road outside is busiest around 6pm to 8pm. emptiest around 3am. i wonder where they are heading. home? office? to escape? or to come back to their comforting nests?

i may be alone in my cream-colored room, but i know this chasm is not something unique to me. i am fully aware that there are hundred thousands of families with now empty dining chairs, never will be filled. there are husbands and wives apart, managing their kids on their own. there are parents aching to hold their children again. there are some who are turning and tossing every night, wondering when they can get a job. wondering if there are some tucked penny on their holed pockets for tomorrow’s breakfast.

this year is heavy with grief, those i own and those everyone carry, and sometimes i do not know how to not mourn anymore.

positivity can be toxic when it has no empathy. but allow me to share with you how i find some light in this tunnel, no matter how faint.

this year, i learned that i can cook. i can fix some household issues, like a clogged drain, ant infestation, and more. i can build and screw a bookshelf. i can workout regularly, and i am strong enough to do burpees. i can get off of the bed and grasp the floating hope even if my pillows are wet with last night’s break down. i can allow myself to crumble, i can bend my knees and surrender, i can find comfort in reading Psalms. i can be alone and be with God, and feel enough.

while there is so much uncertainty, i hold and stand still with my request to God for the ending of this aloneness before this year ends. i do not know how and if covid cases are the evidences, i would say the odds are not in my favor. but like my life verse says, “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God…”

i will be still. i will surrender my fears. to Him who knows my name even before i was born.

with certainty, i know, years after, i will look back and would thank my present-self for choosing faith in the middle of this storm. for clinging to that one truth He has proven time and time again, that with Him, i am never alone.

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14 thoughts on “the year is almost over, and i am still alone”

  1. Hi, sister–You have been in a touch situation for so long now. I hope the dynamic of my nation hasn’t made it harder where you are. I know many look to the USA for an example (whether or not anyone should), and lately the example hasn’t been so good. I’m hoping that with a new administration, things everywhere might start to get better. At least you sound healthy, and I hope this is the case for you and your husband and your sister and all your people. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch; my own situation has had new pain and stress to deal with. I’ve barely done more than post a poem a day and respond to e-mails I receive directly, not through WordPress (WordPress itself has become a source of stress). You write really well here, and I’m glad you discarded rules. Your work comes through clearly and especially your message. A “cream-colored room”–that gets to me. Okay, I live in one. But I’m not in another land with everyone around me speaking another language. Your isolation is stark and difficult, and I appreciate and admire your decision in favor of faith. I do pray for you and will, naturally, continue praying. Your brother in Christ, Christopher

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    1. Hello, brother! I am grateful and blessed to finally hear from you again. I am thankful for your thoughtful prayers and for your kind words. I am sorry to hear about your stresses and pain (including WordPress). I am watching and praying for you from afar. Be blessed!

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  2. Ah, dearie… i am sending you tight, tight hugs. I’m so sorry you are far away from your physical home and the people you consider as such. If only we could teleport.. Your heart still brims with faith and hope — and I hope they continue to run through your veins. I know you have all the support from your family, your husband and God, but know that you can always reach out to me too. If you need someone to talk to. Stay strong, dearie. Love lots! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, dearie. Your thoughts and your kindness means a lot to me. There were times when I feel like hope is spilling out of my hands and it is the lowest moments. I try to take hold of it as much as possible, because for now, that’s all i have. Stay safe, dearie. ❤

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  3. faith is indeed the healthiest support … I had no idea you were so separated! I can’t imagine your angst … as you say others are also grieving but your own is what you know, what you are dealing with. I pray you can reunite soon but doubt it will be this year 😦

    Hopefully earlier next year … so please keep faith and hope, you are never alone! I will keep you in my prayers ❤

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