wait on wheat

ebb and flow goes
the salty, blue sea,
how many seashells has
it robbed from thee?

may they be conch filled
with your childhood dreams,
or the prayers of your
aged-mind’s streams,

may they be shell-hearts
you’ve always long to hold,
too sharp to touch,
too tough to mold,

or perhaps a silent wish
your tongue not dared say,
with dark whispers saying
“it’s far as night and day”.

but ebb and flow goes
the salty, blue sea,
the waves will form and
foam to surprise thee.

in this life, i’ve learned,
what’s meant to be yours
will always find its way back
to your waiting, wheat shores.

sit by the sand,
sip some warm tea,
remember. this waiting
will shape who you’ll be.

©2020 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
For dVerse Poetics I am hosting today: Poetics: Waiting on Wheat

56 thoughts on “wait on wheat”

  1. I love the rhyming in this….and the repetition of the words “ebb and flow goes the salty blue sea”. I love the way you’ve used the conch shell here. Very much enjoyed this!

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  2. A beautiful poem, Rosemarie, with the repetition of ebb and flow giving additional rhythm and structure, and the conch filled with childhood dreams. I also like the gentle rhyming.

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  3. The verses read beautifully, like a cycle of life, ebbing and flowing. Waiting for something or someone, makes us patient and stronger in character with the work required to remain focus on the present tasks at hand, to move us closer to our goals. Hope you are safe and well. Thanks for hosting !!!!

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  4. Such a beautiful poem. I do not know what I can say that hasn’t already been said here! I love the descriptions of the sea and the sands of time. There is longing and remembrance in this piece. You’ve created a stunning scene. Thank you for the prompt today. It was very fun to write for.

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  5. There is music in this, but for me it’s a Joan Baez ballad. It is a perfect illustration for your prompt. I, too, like the form and gentle rhymes, and refrains.

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  6. This is incredibly stunning! I especially admire; “may they be shell-hearts you’ve always long to hold, too sharp to touch, too tough to mold.” 💝

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  7. Conch shells and childhood dreams – so beautiful! Brought back happy memories to me of time spent on the beach with my children. Such a lovely message too: just wait, and all the things you need will be returned to you, and you will learn so much from the waiting – so true!

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  8. So happy to have found you again, Rosemarie! I missed your words and energy. 💗

    may they be shell-hearts
    you’ve always long to hold,
    too sharp to touch,
    too tough to mold,

    Beautiful expressions of the soul, with an ending filled with comfort, peace and hope. 🙏

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