counting poems before and after him

thousand poems
have i written
‘fore fate allowed
me to meet him,

oh, how in hush heart-
beats, low key hums,
dearness draws near
me towards him,

oh, how my shy
muse sings hymns,
so sweetly since
i knew him,

oh, how rhymes
roll off in rivulets,
thousands and more
poems now for him.

©2019 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash
For dVerse The music of alliteration, assonance, and consonance.
Today I would like you to try using different types of assonance and consonance in any poem of your choice. Try to listen to how it sounds, and see how you can enhance the connection between the letter you use and the meaning of the poem. Maybe you can add the beat of the poem with accentuated alliteration.
Inspired by my book Poems for S.

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42 thoughts on “counting poems before and after him”

  1. I found myself reading this poem in a hushed voice, almost a whisper – what a wonderful use of alliteration and consonance! I love the lines:
    ‘oh, how rhymes
    roll off in rivulets,
    thousands and more
    poems now for him’.

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  2. love love how each stanza ends with the same word that knits the verses with each other, the ebb and flow of a emotion is beautifully expressed in your simple yet so meaningful choice of words.

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  3. Hi Rosie, this is your long lost old sister in the US… hope you are well. Your writing is even more stellar than in years past…this poem echoes deeply in my heart ❤

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    1. Oh my dear sister, I have been thinking of you. Tried emailing you as well but I think the emails are not working anymore. Thank you for messaging me. I am well and I hope and pray you are. I think of you still, sister. ❤


  4. Sister Rosey, could you please remove my email from my comment above? I’m getting spam from people who’ve seen it here. I would appreciate your help very much in this matter. Thank you in advance. Much love, Rhen/Leslie

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      1. Thank you, dear heart–no need to be sorry, as I should have told you to do it right away 🙂 I LOVE you muchly ❤

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