End and Begin

We can live a thousand lives
yet never can we say
we fully understand love—
a changing matter
from concrete solid
to shape-shifting liquid
to intangible gas,

a metamorphosing butterfly
from a crawling larva
to a cocooned pupa
to a winged epitome of class.

But my love, when I look into your eyes,
I can smell the aroma
of the fresh dewdrops of breaking dawn,
I can hear the consistent ebb and flow
of the ocean’s water-made lawn,
I can taste the golden rust of a priceless relic
the turning time has drawn.

I know this is the kind of love I prayed—
its charming beginning, dependable middle, and a mortal end.
And maybe infinity awaits us after we drew our final breaths.

Rosemarie Gonzales-Roy
©2019 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo by Gie Films

8 thoughts on “End and Begin”

  1. I have read this poem before and fell for it. I again read it today and it had an even greater impact, because you just associated it with this landmark moment of our lives, when our souls entwined finally. I dream of growing old with you, massaging your wrinkled hands, kissing the drooping skin on those pink soft cheeks.
    This poem is one of your those masterpieces which will be immortal, long after we leave our mortal bodies. How beautifully you hid the central message in between those words. The message that change is the only constant. Everything will change, but with all the change, the companionship will never be given up, no matter what. No matter how many times I read this, and now after seeing it with this photo, it keeps giving me goosebumps. Thank you for this post, my love :* :*

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