soon, my love

Faint, fainter, faintest,
goes the winky cars
passing by.

Dark, darker, darkest,
goes the moonless
November sky.

Soft, softer, softest
goes the notes
of lullaby.

Sleepy, sleepier, sleepiest,
goes the tired city
whisp’ring goodbye.

Soon, sooner, soonest,
I’ll be near,
as another day dies.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

Written while listening to Sara Bareilles’ City as my heart yearns for my he.
For dVerse Quadrille Wink


34 thoughts on “soon, my love”

  1. I read this while the song was playing in the background and I was reduced to tears. They flowed out of the eyes as I sat in a corner table in a restaurant, trying to hide them from others. Maybe, I should have let others see the tears and then show the reason for them, your words. Your words, which are so powerful, that they can shake a person from inside, make even the hardest of rocks, melt and flow. You are an ace poetess. Salute, my love ;*


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