m y c a r r i e r

Elevated eyes can see the throngs of the wheeled machines this morning. Like row of soldiers, though not marching nor moving under the 9 a.m. sun burning.

Feet need not to tiptoe to see the jeepneys, cars, and buses, wearing the colors of the vibrant Philippines, yet tainted with the grey blanket of Manila’s dust and dirt. Honking to complain of the many minutes wasted, as if noise can widen the paved yet narrow road.

After a few steps from the rusted footbridge to the equally rugged jeep destined to be my carrier today, I embarked on my own journey to start the day’s routine. Perhaps, vehicles are armies with different passengers and captains.

Tired rubber wheels screech
against sunbathed, asphalt road,
destination reached.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

For dVerse Haibun Monday: Murmuration.

31 thoughts on “m y c a r r i e r”

  1. I agree with Sarah, out of all the ‘commute’ haibun, this one is so different to the ones I know. I hadn’t come across ‘jeepneys’ before, so I’ve learnt something new, and I like the phrase ‘tainted with the grey blanket of Manila’s dust and dirt’ and the underlying hints of past conflicts, especially in ‘Perhaps, vehicles are armies with different passengers and captains’.

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  2. The comparisons are beyond epic. Seldom a normal writer can think of such comparisons. This is like a painting, depicting the standstill dust laden Manila traffic, with only this girl, full of life, moving across to her one room apartment, with the hem of her dress dancing in the sultry smoke coming from the exhaust pipes. How can I not fall in love with this girl?

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