l i m b o

Mechanical wings
wheeze up, up, up.
Rubber wheels
tiptoe, touch
clouds, up, up,

away from the safe
harbor of the
steady ground towards
the limbo of
oblivion, sometimes
with carpet of laughing


In between
galaxies and mortal
land, I’m here to meet


©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

For dVerse Quadrille.

24 thoughts on “l i m b o”

  1. My heart spun out its wings and fluttered in the air, meeting yours, in between the galaxies and mortal land. How gentle and powerful this poem is my love. As usual, I am reading it again and again. “The carpet of laughing stars” is a personification beyond amazing. It depicts the real people all around in our lives, who are interested in us, but for the not so right reasons.
    This is am amazing piece my love. By the time I wrote this comment, I read it 7 times already. Please please write more my dearest


  2. Oh my! You’ve taken us up into the galaxy of stars with you here — but I must admit – with mechanical wings wheezing and the words up, up, up …. I was a bit nervous about this plane’s ability to get me up into the sky. Especially when you also remind me that I’m mortal . . .I’m hoping I’m not going to meet my Maker, so to speak! Wow — see how your words have engaged me? Sign definitely of a good write! And now I’ll have another sip of my morning coffee with my feet on the ground 🙂

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