Damp Box

The box made of
thin tree-meat walls,
closed by a
curtain door,
sealed with
hole-filled, rusted
roof, again
sinks under the
merciless river
overflow, yet

the eight hearts
it has been carrying
will remain afloat—

with warm love,
with fearless faith,
with ceaseless hope.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

For dVerse Quadrille #62.
Please pray for flood victims in Kerala, India and in the Philippines (including me).

27 thoughts on “Damp Box”

  1. A bit disturbing in the beginning, but it’s great description to see that the heart is so fragile? I was wondering what “eight hearts” meant. As if this larger heart carries smaller ones, smaller loves or pains? Or perhaps ventricles or arteries? In the end this vessel of a heart is strong with faith, hope, etc. very well done.

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    1. Hi, Mandi! That is such a deep interpretation. The box is actually the current status of my home. Eight hearts is for parents and us, the six kids. We are not in a very good position right now because of the flooding. But we are keeping the hope, faith, and love. Thank you!

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      1. Ah, I was trying to discern that. Your poem is pretty straightforward, then. I’m so sorry about your Home & how this is effecting you & your family; also the stress it lays on you all. Can you live in your house? Can it become livable again in a reasonable amount of time? I’m praying for you all, that these floods recede and that you can get back to repairing and rebuilding as soon as possible, and that this is $ possible. I always think of you when I hear about floods in the Philippines. I’m sad it effected your fam so badly this year. Hope you can keep hoping etc. God will keep you all. 💕🙏😥🤗


      2. That’s terrible Rosema! You’re in such high spirits. Hope you have a good place to rest/sleep soon! Hugs my friend. It will get better soon! 🙏💕🌸

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  2. No poem has been able to make me cry like this. No poetess ever had too. My heart feels restless and helpless, and I know it will keep feeling so until the river shows some mercy. But amidst all this, the eight along with the ninth will keep praying and no one break the unity and strength of the nine hearts. I love you, through thick and thin, through rain and sunshine

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  3. Blessings. Keep ceasless hope. Nice how the domicile, however important, is just the box, the life is in the hearts it carries, but still, what precious cargo. the rhyme flows along cascading like a river.


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