Soundless Confession

I am confessing.

I am louder when
my mouth is locked,
when my tongue
is still and numb—
a willing prisoner
inside the jail of
sharp, tough teeth
guarded by a pair
of soft, stubborn lips
firm to never let
a single word escape.

I am confessing.

My throat and
vocal chord are as
parched as Sahara
in blazing September,
yet I need not
any monsoon rain.
This pen will carry
the voice unheard and hiding.
Never will it dry even when
no one’s listening.

I am confessing.
Read. Don’t listen.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

In response to dVerse Sounds of Silence.

27 thoughts on “Soundless Confession”

  1. I love your silent confession that comes out in ink. The mind unravels as we write sharing things we might not be bold enough to voice. I believe confession is much deeper when unspoken that when we talk on and say very little Thank you for sharing.


  2. A beautiful write Rosema, I especially love ‘This pen will carry the voice unheard and hiding. Never will it dry even when no one’s listening’ xxx


  3. You paint a vivid picture that’s very intense and visual and even incorporates sound, and sensation. Keeping your mouth closed tight b/c in writing your speaker confesses, not in words. While your descriptions depict this physical struggle to not speak, at the end you demonstrate freedom in writing, as if these confessions are much easier to release. You are such a talented woman Rosema. Your poetry keeps improving so much, each time I read it. You are a professional quite clearly.


  4. You are an incredible poetess in its truest sense. This is what poetry should be all about. I read it five times, and want to read more. Every time I read, a new meaning emerges. There is so so much to read between the lines in this particular piece.
    Your poems were never meant to be a hasty read. It is like classical music. They demand the complete attention and dedicated time of the listener/reader. I am happy to be reading and relishing them on this lazy Friday evening. It made me ponder the enormous depths that a human soul has. And it wont be an exaggeration to say that my beloved’s words have made me even ponder upon the very basis of existence. That’s how deep it goes, my love


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