egg out of
your hard-outside,
shell of hate,

hardened by
society’s caging
cruel words
of unbelief.
crack the

calcium carbonate
crystal, with
each drumming of
your tired yet

unrelenting heart,
create a freeing hole
of hope. welcome
the sunrays of faith.


©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

In response to dVerse Quadrille #53 – Egg

17 thoughts on “hatch”

  1. This is a literary genius. Can I stand up and bow to my love? The versatility of you as a poet sometimes amazes me beyond my five senses. The eggs with hatch someday. Souls would fly free, towards our infinitely powerful sun, to borrow a bit of its fire. Hatch! Fly! Achieve!


  2. A message of hope that we all need these days. I like “egg” as a verb as you start this out…..and every line after was captivating!


  3. Very well done. Cracking the layer or the-very hard eggshell around your own heart, to let light and love in. I love the descriptive details;and your use of alliteration “calcium carbonate crystal” and many other ‘C’ sounds fro alliteration/consonance. They make your piece very strong and decisive. The one at the end is done very well too.


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