bone and brain

Unbreakable bone
walled with
collagen and calcium,
ounce for ounce is
stronger than
a bar of steel.

Soft yet complex brain
tangled with
circuits of neurons
and nerves, byte per byte is
better than
a super computer.

Your anatomy is divine.
You’re not a super hero.
You’re a super human.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

In response to dVerse Super me! (as in the verb)

37 thoughts on “bone and brain”

  1. I agree, Rosema. I’m reminded of the truth written that says you can have all virtue but without love, it amounts to nothing. We humans are capable of loving and being loved. Machines are not, no matter their other strengths.

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  2. Excellent response to the prompt. Great title for this. It makes me pause and think a bit over my first cup of Joe this morning. The Super Heroes are characters, created by Marvel — masks that people can assume for halloween…real only on the screen or in the comics. Every one of us on the other hand, by the very incredible make-up of what is a human….think of the workings and wiring of the human heart…how our glands work….the abilities of a human like Stephen Hawking (rest in peace) who fought a debilitative disease while his mind created the most amazing discoveries in physics. The human being in all its complexities is truly a super hero in that sense. And then add choice….wow!
    Again…great response to the prompt.


    1. oh Lilian. You dont know how much your words made my heart smile. It is always a delight to get such feedback from my writes. 🙂 Thank you so much! And indeed. I agree with you!


  3. Hi, sister, from what (when) seems long ago,

    Thank you for this verse. You remind us that being human has its strengths. I hope you’re really well. I’m between operations, posting every now and then. I read with sadness the politics in both our nations. But you’re still creating, which is grand.

    Your brother,


    1. Brother!!! Im so happy to see you here again! How have you been? Thank you sooo much for the kind words. Our nations are both… needing of something. Light? Hope? Maybe. Sigh.

      Hoping to read you soon again!


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