#IndianInsights No. 1


Hello, everyone! I’ve been out and about for some good reasons. Work. Life. Birthday. and. Travel. Before my birthday month ended, I embarked into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. A solo trip to India, my first out-of-the-country alone! And I would like to share with you my learnings and realizations via #IndianInsights series. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this, guys!

#IndianInsights No. 1: Bring an open mind. Leave beliefs behind.

Whenever I mention my India trip, people will warn me about two things aside from rape: dirt and stink. The basis? Shared personal anecdotes and travel videos.

Dirt is fine. Manila isn’t as clean as Singapore. But stink is a different story. So I flew ready with Vicks inhaler and a little bottle of oil from my former bossy. Better be ready than sorry. 😁

The moment I got in the plane from Kuala Lumpur to Kolkata, I braced myself and started sniffing (which I’m so good at). They said the flight will be a nice introduction to India’s smell. Thankfully, there is none. Yet.

When my plane landed, when I came out of the airport, when I got in a taxi, when I entered the train which will take me from Kolkata to NJP, my sniffing was in full mode. My hand, ready to grab the oil anytime. To my surprise, a single drop wasn’t necessary.

Yes, Kolkata is not so clean, but it isn’t stinky as it is believed to be.

There is nothing wrong in coming ready. In believing stories. In researching about a new place. But I’ve learned an open mind is more than essential. You’ll never know how a country, a place, a human heart can surprise you.

Like how I thought I can only see a cherry blossom tree in Japan and in South Korea. Then I stumbled upon this lone Himalayan cherry blossom. (Some research says cherry blossoms are originally from the Himalayas. 😊)

What a beautiful surprise, isn’t it? 😊

38 thoughts on “#IndianInsights No. 1”

    1. Hehe. Yes I agree. But I hope to be more present here now. 🙂 hehe. much looove, Ameena! And no. I went to Kolkata only and Pelling, Sikkim. Delhi and Mumbai is too crowded for me. Hehe


  1. Ooooh, thanks for sharing the cherry blossoms–you may remember that I love the ones outside my window! I gather you have not been able to email–or get the e-cards I sent for your b’day (all 3 of them!)–but know that I hold you tight in my heart. Love, your old Sis in the USA ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sissy looooove! I visited your other site and it is deleted na. Geez. Im super late in everything. Im so sorrrryyy. And I got one card. It’s suuuper beautiful. Thank you sooo much for the love! ❤ I hope to slowly come back here. I miss youuu! Thank you so much!


      1. Were you not able to get the e-cards in your email, the b’day ones??

        I had the first paid blog deleted because I’d made too many mistakes setting it up–sheesh, I’m hopeless (almost!). But I think this one will be good 🙂 Praying it is 🙂 Love you SO MUCH ❤

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