what if?

as death is as normal as birth,
one day my ink will meet
its fading the end.
what if this poem is my last?
what if? what if?
what last lines would i want to leave?
what if? what if?
what final rhymes would i want to breathe?
what if? what if?

would i want to write
a heartfelt villanelle
to glorify the God
who made me well,
to thank the imperfect
yet loving parents
who compensated money with
their love and presence?

would i want to write
a throbbing aubade
to the he’s whom
i have loved?
fill every stanza
with bitter farewells
and warm kisses
they have forever missed out?

would i want to leave
a sweet, sweet sonnet
to the one man
who’ll have me last,
stamp every rhyme
and every line
with the promise of meeting again
inside heaven’s confines?

or would i want to leave
a freely flowing free verse,
about a life well lived
in better and in worse,
etch my last words
with gratefulness
and contentment,
for either way, i’m blessed.

what if this poem is my last?
i think i would be smiling if
this poem would be my parting gift
to those who have loved me
and i have loved unconditionally.

if this is the end for me and my poetry,
then i will park my pen,
beside my final lines and rhymes,
and then, rest peacefully.

©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

sneaked in some time to post this poem after my looong hiatus. the lines:

what if this poem is my last?
what if? what if?
what last lines would i want to leave?
what if? what if?
what final rhymes would i want to breathe?
what if? what if?

are inspired by a poem by Davy D. i have a big event (at work) tomorrow and i dropped by to tell you all guys that I miss WordPress because of you all. as soon work calms a bit, i’ll go back. ❤ please don’t forget me. 🙂 Much love!

In response to The End paul scribbles.
This evening I want you to think about ‘THE END.’

51 thoughts on “what if?”

  1. I cannot not smile at your enthusiasm and passion, throughout the poem and until the last few words. That’s why they say, ‘live like it’s our last day on this earth’ but I’m not sure if it fits for all scenarios.

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  2. Best of luck with the event Rosema and glad to have provided some inspiration for this excellent poem. I read somewhere you should always put everything into a poem as if it were your last, but I suppose our survival instinct hopes it never is.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww, sweetie ❤️ I love how you question the ‘what ifs’ and then go on to answer how you wish it would be. Your poems will always be with me, dear. You know that 😊

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  4. How could we Ever forget you?? Never in a million poems or lifetimes!! This piece had a lot to ponder for me…thank you, dearest sister ❤ Praying God gives you all that you need for work events 🙂

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  5. Another beaitiful piece my friend. I would say your questions are valid and interesting. From the Christian POV, I would say we are all born and special because of particular talents (partial,y) so in Heaven you’ll still have these gifts and they will be all the more useful and say exactly what you want, even if right now, the right words aren’t always easy.

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    1. even if right now, the right words aren’t always easy. what truths are those dear Mandi. maybe human have been devaluing life already. for quite a long time. and it just got worst and worst and worst. thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  6. Since the fall of man due to man life has been devalued by man. All through our history this is true. But eternal life through Jesus, and Heaven give even the most pitifully abused and mistreated person hope. And I know God says he helps those who pray earnestly so I think prayer is often the answer to changing people’s hearts. We might not always see that change but God works where we don’t know he does.

    Cheers my friend. Have a lovely day!

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  7. Haha stressful so far. Doing academic piece for a client he changes citation from MLA to APA right as sending in the essay at midnight. Now it’s 2:40 am here and his long article has a redone reference page, and has the years added to the authors cited intext. Took so long to go through make the citations right and edit along the way as I noticed errors. Sometimes the editing part is so tedious but at least u can go to online sites that make doing reference pages, works cited, etc. Much easier to do!
    All done, sleeping now! Have a great week 🙂

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