paper dreams

i have a pocketful of folded paper cranes, inked with agony, worry, fear of my boneless brain. numb, loss, i’ll wander, maybe after i watch them burn. — 08.31.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo by Dev Benjamin on Unsplash In response to Sonya of Only 100 Words‘ Three Line Tales Week 83. If you want to join, here are the […]

Shoe Shopping

tattered by sand and mud, kissed by shrapnels and bombs, we are always ready to fight, to shot, to combat. shined until twinkling as stars, worn to exude power and class, we are as high as timeless sky, ready to slay a gal or guy. made as comfy as a cloud, displayed as chic, never […]

Blessed Bliss

bliss blows blessings, breathes so sweet mist of joy to hearts hurting, like frozen buds waiting for warmth of spring, coming with the weightless strands of white dandelion dancing, feel the rhythm of my patient fingers, tap, tap, tapping, bliss, come, be my blessing. — 08.29.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash […]

foggy borders

splat! goes the blood and some threads of bleeding muscles from his back to the waiting concrete wall. bang! goes the bullet as cold as the heart who pulled the trigger to put the 17-year-old to his final, breathless sleep. no more! goes some mouths to condemn the brutal purging and killing and planting of […]

ending agony (WQW)

I’m participating (finally) for the first time to my dearie Jade‘s Writer’s Quote Wednesday (WQW) and my first quote is from the Still I Rise woman, Maya Angelou and her words that have been “the force” that pushed me to write this blog almost three years ago. (Woah! Time flies! :D) In my first post, Agony published […]

soul’s song

i wanna go where the mountains are high enough to echo my song song of the soul ceaselessly gearing up to be strong, strong enough to not always try to belong, belong to the world filled with hazy right and wrong, wrong or right, i just want to live as if life is not long, […]

booms and bangs

boom! crumbles the church the city prayed. bang! rings the house of an old friend. boom! explodes a truck, bodies sprayed. bang! runs peace, hope, in a rushed parade. between the booms, bangs i plead above let this bad dream be cursed and damned. — This is a fictional poem inspired by the still unending […]

autumn spell

in this maze of bleeding leaves as if the mighty Him spilled red inks on top of the lush trees and twigs to signal the yearly seasons’ shift, find me lurking not beneath the tall towers of red and yellow, find me hiding not inside the house with the whispering cello, find me sitting not […]


i have wandered far from Your loving bay, i believed alone i can pave my own way. step one, two, then three i walked away slowly from Your presence like a bird breaking free. not knowing never have You locked me inside of Your words and light, my God, bring me back. — 08.02.2017 ©2017 […]

what if?

as death is as normal as birth, one day my ink will meet its fading the end. what if this poem is my last? what if? what if? what last lines would i want to leave? what if? what if? what final rhymes would i want to breathe? what if? what if? would i want […]