Yes, I Am

he tried to give me
the kiss of eternity,
like a parched flower
he thought i need his shower,
but i don’t.

i felt my warm skin
against the cold wall,
as he pushed me deeper
to surrender my all,
but i don’t.

i sank, scratched my nails
against his back,
he tried to stop me
with a full-blown smack,
but i don’t.

before he gave
another strong blow,
i kicked hard
his tummy’s below,
yes, i do.

before my eardrums
cracked in his screams,
i pulled his gun’s trigger
and ended his dreams,
yes, i do.

for i am a woman
who doesn’t have a man,
but i won’t let anyone
to strip me to undone,
yes, i am.

now, ask me
if i am guilty,
of killing a monster
who could’ve killed me,
yes, i am.

©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Public Domain Photo

In response to Mugging for the Camera by lillian.
Choose one of these mug shots from the 20s that “speaks to you.” Let your imagination go a bit wild for this prompt. You can be the person, talking to us; or put the person into a poetic “Wanted” poster. Or tell us a tale in verse that “spins” around the mug shot you select. You are limited only by the far reaches of your creativity! The one requirement is that you post the mug shot you choose, in addition to your “mug shot poem.” Surprise me! I’m looking forward to meeting some real characters!!!




74 thoughts on “Yes, I Am”

  1. This is so very well done….and complements the photo so well. Favorite lines include
    he tried to give me
    the kiss of eternity,
    like a parched flower
    i felt my warm skin
    against the cold wall,

    The poem is so visceral…I can feel so much of it in your words. I love the way it comes full circle from the title, through the refrains in similar words and brevity, and then the title again.
    Thank you so much for posting and participating in the prompt!
    The amazing thing about all these posts, and all the photos, is these were real people and you really wonder, what is her story? What is their story? What led to this mug shot and what happened after?


  2. You really did this woman justice. In the US we wouldn’t call that “guilty,” we would call it “self-defense.” You see? Now I think she is real and I am preparing for her defense trial! Good work!


  3. This is my favorite part:
    “as he pushed me deeper
    to surrender my all”

    Typically, people who abuse, were abused. It doesn’t justify, but it somewhat explains.

    What I wonder is why so many people keep loving their abusers, as if that’s the best they think they deserve.

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  4. I have no words for this piece. You always seem to outdo yourself with every poem you share with us. Superbly written.


  5. A woman has to fight back and defend herself. Her body and whatever she does to protect it and her choice, is justified. Great message.

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  6. What did I just read? A masterpiece! A masterpiece that is such raw and exudes amazingness from every pore. The way you portray and play your words on such difficult scenarios is beyond comprehension. Probably that is what makes you one of my favorite poets

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  7. Your words are so powerful; so precise and so well chosen, making your writing so moving! Wow, thank you for sharing this beauty with us ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Dearest Rosema, you have absolutely yes thanked me! And it was most definitely my pleasure to buy and write an honest review of your lovely book. I am just so very excited for you, so congrats again and best of luck. 🙂

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  8. I’m with Holly. I’m totally blown away, Rose. The emotions in this have me covered in goosebumps with the words ripping tearing and then shouting YES when she kills him. I’m stunned. Speechless. Powerful powerful portrayal of this woman. How so many women can relate …. wow!

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