Yes, I Am

he tried to give me the kiss of eternity, like a parched flower he thought i need his shower, but i don’t. i felt my warm skin against the cold wall, as he pushed me deeper to surrender my all, but i don’t. i sank, scratched my nails against his back, he tried to stop me with […]


strip me slowly, it’s fine, i’m ready, for you. in your lines, take me mind, heart, soul, wholly, not few. for i’m the real me when you, poetry leaks through. — 06.09.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash In response to Lai It On! –dVerse MTB Victoria C. Slotto. This is Victoria, today asking you […]

Bravest Moment

on the day when her grandchildren will be sitting on her lap asking for the bravest thing she has done, she will be looking back at this moment. she’s in no danger. no noise. no death-defying acts. but with peaceful tree-whistles, lullaby-like bird-tunes, embrace-like forest air. and her heart and mind who were both dauntless enough to walk out of a life in […]

Cloud of Pain

the thing about sadness is it’s like a thick rain cloud clogged inside your throat blocking your breath, your words, even your screams. you want to melt it, get rid of it, but it becomes bigger and bigger choking you further and further. but the thing about sadness is when you finally surrender and bask […]

The Afters

notice how the verdant blanket look greener after a stormy night, notice how the sun’s glorious rays shine extra brighter after a pitch black night, notice how your fragile, fearful heart beats braver after losing a fight. for in failing, in losing, we grow. — 06.06.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash In […]


the noisy alarm dings, like the starting bell of boxing, another fight, another day, begins. with the routine task of waking, eating, commuting, working, eating, working, commuting, eating, sleeping, repeat, repeat, repeat, may I not lost my value, my worth, my purpose, my dreams, under the haystack of mundanes in the world of routines, before my […]

Flower and the Bee (Part 2)

sharing the second part of my duet with the bestie, Shubhodeep Roy.  i am the flower and he is the bee. the part 1 is here. my bee, that kiss was sweeter than honey, brimming with love, i’d choose it ceaselessly. but after you let go, I saw the look in your eyes, gazing at another […]

Not Forgetful

Her eyes on the slow, old tram coming. Her hands inside the bag, checking the cold office keys, the leather notepad, the tattered coin purse, the thin phone, her essentials. Lucky day, no forgotten items today. Her ride to the office is about to arrive when a familiar face crossed her peripheral view. He has aged, […]