Between My Bleeding Lines’ Readers: Mandibelle

Peripheral Madness

Sight I think is amazing for what could,

We see without vision, eyes to perceive?

The world around us is intricate, complex,

So our eyes make sense of the colours, shade —

Tints, tones, complementary colours, those —

In the same family, yet inside were sightless.

Gazing beyond sight, gazing within, without. 


It’s fascinating to think how each of —

Us sees the same thing differently; by —

Sight and experience — the image changes.

All see such varied pictures notice where,

The colours blur, wind; how they can deceive us.

How red, green, purple, blue, orange and yellow,

Mix together, painterly dragons fly.

Optical illusions nearly missed disguised.

Gazing beyond sight, gazing within, without. 


Blended carefully the animals come —

To life; birds, unicorns, oxen, and some,

Mythical creatures, pale faces turned down.

See not only within the painting see —

Inside your heart, for the truth sits there,

Ignore the blindness, learn to fathom more.

Gazing beyond sight, gazing within, without. 

©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.

Mandi writes flawlessly. Her words flow with eloquence and meaning. You can also learn tough and intricate poetic forms through her writings and she can make it appear easy.

When i shared to him my book, it is heart warming how she willingly gave her feedback and suggestions which helped me a lot.

(As the release of my BETWEEN MY BLEEDING LINES nears (this month!), I would like to feature the amazing writers who guided me (technically and morally) all through out this nine-month journey. I am blessed to have them.)

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