Please Vote for my Piece :)

Hi everyone!!!

I would like to ask you a big big favor! I joined an Instagram contest hosted by @words_with_queens and @words_with_kings. The prize is that your entry poem will be included in their upcoming book title Crown Anthologies Vol. 1.

Image result for crownanthologies

The 10 poem with the highest votes will get published. 🙂 So I would like to ask for your help to please vote for my piece here.

The link should look like this (and this is my entry poem too):


I hope you can help me, darlings! ❤

Thank you!


35 thoughts on “Please Vote for my Piece :)”

  1. I already said this and I’m saying it again.. I am one hell of a proud friend here. Happy to see you soaring high and getting your work out there. Keep breathing words, my dearie. 😘

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