FlyTip: Introduce Yourself (plus Instagram Giveaway)


Updated photo because I am “adulting” at 25. 😀


Hello my lovelies!!!

Oh how I miss writing my thoughts and sharing them with you. I am joining FlyTip a feature hosted by my darling Lonna of FlyLef. And the first task is to…

FLYTIP: Introduce yourself! || Tell the world about you and your awesome blog!

It has been sooo long when I updated my about page but it is mostly the same!

I am a millenial. A Journalism graduate from the Philippines. I aspire to be a news writer of a prestigious national daily newspaper someday. (though this part might be changing a bit….)

I was a Content Writer in an e-commerce website and a writer in a local newspaper in my province when I started this blog.

Now, I am a PR Writer in a Public Relations firm. I am now, indeed, a WRITER. 🙂 (Update: I am now a PR Associate.)

This blog is a leap of courage towards a better writing career that I dream of having someday.


A Reading Writer is a result of a random thought that struck me when I was thinking of a blog name.

I do not want to try hard, thus, I resort to a simple phrase that constitutes my prominent interests, reading and writing.

It should have been A Reading Writer Who Sings because I am a singer as well, but I thought that would be too long.

I choose the article ‘A’ instead of the ‘The’ as I am not a ‘The’ yet.


It took me a lot of years to finally leap towards the ‘blogosphere’. And there is really a ‘force’ that somehow pushed me to dive! That is this quote from Maya Angelou that I cited in my very first post titled Agony.


But of course… after more than two years of blogging and one year of creative writing, there are some awesome UPDATES which include:

  • I am now back doing dVerse prompts and Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. 🙂 (Trying to sneak in some time as much as possible because I miss you.)
  • My debut book I have been talking about last year is done with the final edits. Now… I am working on the cover (which is a challenge. -_-)
  • I am now on Instagram @areadingwriter (and I confess I am mooore active there now because it is more mobile-friendly. :()
  • And speaking of Instagram.. I am currently hosting a giveaway there. (mechanics are found below)


  • … and the chapbook’s cover is…


So there! 😀 Till my next update guys! Much love! ❤

48 thoughts on “FlyTip: Introduce Yourself (plus Instagram Giveaway)”

  1. you are so sweet and pretty dear Rosie! My daughter is just your age and she is also a writer, she did similar stuff as you have, so good to know more about you, and that you are back with dverse and FFAW – two places I always enjoy your writing, all the very best for your future projects, I know with your passion you will do so well! It’s been really lovely to get to know you and hope to follow you on your journey and don’t stop posting ok, I do look forward to it.

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  2. Aww, look at you 😍😍😍 So happy and cheerful and pretty you look ❤️❤️❤️ I see you on Instagram so I already know about your book 😁😁 I’m so super happy. Hope to talk to you soon and squeal in delight congratulating you 😘😘😘

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congratulations Rosema and it is fantastic to see all your hard work and excellent poetry going places. I am hoping to become more active on Instagram some time this year, just got to work out how to use it 🙂

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  4. First off…I’m so, so thrilled that you’re doing a FLYTIP post. *sending you a whole bunch of hearts* Secondly, I’m so proud of your new book. And gosh, that is a lovely cover and seems to embody you. 😉 Thirdly, I’ve been meaning to created an Instagram acct, and I think I’ve just found my nudge to actually get my lazy butt to get to work. Haha. I will be first to order you book!!! Please keep us posted on its publication date. YOU ARE AMAZING!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AWWWW! Thank you my dearest Lonna!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I am really excited to join in the FLYTIP fun! (Particularly excited to decide for the next topic. :)) Second, the book is for giveaway only. (But another one that will be up for sale is on the works. hehe.) Thirdly, I wouuuld looove to see youuuu on IG! Please! Please!

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  5. Dearieee!!! That is one gorgeous cover and who wouldn’t love to get a copy of that!! I’m happy to see that things are doing great in your life right now. Keep smiling and stay the charming, sweet person that you are. Hugs and kisses 😘❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow!!!!! I want one!! (Of course your blogger best friend must have one) ❤😁

        P.S. I would love that too but it’ll taka a looooot longer than expected. 😅

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  6. Since I’ve been following your journey, I can only express how proud I am of you! 🙂 And that cover is beautiful! You’re doing great! Please continue. ❤

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  7. Nice hearing more about you again. I love your outfit and you look wonderful in your picture. You are a classy and beautiful lady. I’m excited to see your poetry book cover, beautiful work you did an outstanding job it really catches one’s eye. I’m so excited for its release. I want to buy a copy and send it to you to sign 🙂

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