Notice of Absence

Dear friends,

I will be hibernating maybe for a couple of days. I am currently body-and-soul-and-heart sick and… I think I need sometime alone.

I will be reading your comments to my scheduled posts once I get back. (There are scheduled posts until Monday. Kind of a planner, eh?) 🙂

I promise I will be back.

And I will be better when I get back.

Thank you for the love. The friendships I have made here in WordPress have made this writing journey so worthwhile.

I will never be the writer that I am today without you, guys! ❤

I shall return. I just have to heal a bit.

Lots of love,
Rosema ( A Reading Writer)

71 thoughts on “Notice of Absence”

  1. You have many who care sincerely for your lovely heart, Rosey. Take what time you need, listen to God’s loving voice. You know I will be praying mightily FOR you, and Against the lies of the enemy who is only ever wicked and cruel. God will build you up, and gift you with treasures of harvest in this season (sometimes called “lessons learned”)–He does it for me, regularly, so I KNOW He’ll also do it for my sweet lovely little sister ❤ See you when you return–love you, xxoo ❤

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  2. My dear friend, I hope you’re okay. I’m worried about you, especially the heart sickness. That makes the physical sickness worse. If you need to talk or if there is anything I can do, find me on FB and we can chat Amanda Eifert, Edmonton AB Canada. Or email me Take all the time you need to be well. 💕🙏🏻😘

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    1. You are right my dear Mandi. The heart sickness makes the body weaker. Thank you for the love. I am sorry I worried you. I am healing. I got my message clearly early. I am better now. ❤ Thank you dear. Thank you very much!

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