Second Ride


This is the second part of my Ride series. Part 1 was published yesterday.

Wait! Can I get your name?

This is what I wanted him to say, but, he sadly didn’t. I fell asleep along the ride and when I woke up, he’s already gone.

I was honestly hoping to see him again but I didn’t, until it was a Monday morning again.

I was slowly making my way inside the jampacked bus when I saw a familiar hair, black-yet-almost-brown, properly combed, irresistibly neat.

As I saw his wide yet wrinkle-free forehead, his bushy yet so masculine brows, his dark and long eyelashes covering his gorgeous eyes, I was sure, it was him.

My heart beat too fast, excited to know if our story will have its part two.

He was actually sleeping, but he might wake up and see me still, right?

Until… I saw the girl beside him.

Maybe a year younger than me, with curly dark brown hair, pointed nose, long lashes, perfect brows and lovely lips.

She was also asleep… and… her head was on his shoulder.

I stopped in a corner opposite them and looked away.

Disappointed, I was not able to stop asking myself…

“Is this the end of our story?”

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit: Favim
Note: This was not supposed to be a series when I first published the Part 1 last year until  four of my lovely friends asked for more and they are Mandi, Christopher, Jacq and of course my ever consistent fiction-fan, Fun! ❤

22 thoughts on “Second Ride”

  1. I enjoy this installment (too), sister. Along with the rest of the story (so far), I like today’s description of his hair, “irresistibly neat.” Which is also how your narrative is!


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