Plea to Mourn


For all souls lost.
Either shot or blown apart,
either criminal or civilian,
either innocent or terrorist,
’cause they’re all humans.


For all lives altered by war.
Children who grow old without parents.
Parents who buried their own child.
Fiancee who was not able to say ‘I do’.
Soldiers who were not able to know what’s true.


Because mourning makes you care,
because mourning makes you realize,
that peace is really a must.


Because war is not a problem
solved by guns and bombs.
Because peace can only be achieved,
by no one else, but us.

Please, mourn.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit:Unsplash
Inspired by Maria’s fictional story ‘The Vow‘ and Christopher poem ‘Microsmic Murder‘.

32 thoughts on “Plea to Mourn”

  1. Passion and sadness, conviction and plea. Great hurt is expressed here with the promise of great healing, too. First the source of pain must be acknowledged. Then we need for find a better way.

    Excellent work, sister. Power in peace–when will we learn to live with this larger understanding?

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  2. This is a beautiful piece Rosema. It’s incredibly sad all those who die in war or any kind of terrible death due to violence. But I have to disagree that we can achieve “peace.” I think we can strive for it, prey for it, have it for a few moments or even a few years. But not everywhere in the world, will have peace at once. Not ever. even in our own hearts and minds we cannot have peace through ourselves.

    This is where God comes in, the only one who knows true peace and can provide it. I think since sin ruined the earth, true peace is God and comes from him, something we can experience only in heaven. Saying this, we should still try for peace, the best peace we can have on earth.

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