Fierce, Fearless and…

She is fierce and fearless.

Fierce for clinging to a tattered, tough life.
Fierce for voicing what she thinks is right.
Fierce for loving those she loves.
Fierce for always, always standing up!

Fearless for saying what is true.
Fearless for always starting anew.
Fearless for either praise or boo.
Fearless for loving but not living color blue!

She is fierce and fearless but most of all she is FAITHFUL.
For living a hard life but still seeing what is beautiful.
For praising her soul’s main master.
For writing beautiful poems all tongues can utter.

Time may have diminished her gorgeous beauty,
but time has made her heart a more splendid entity.
Time may not erase her past that’s not so lovely,
but her brave heart remains capable of loving unselfishly.

Today I celebrate with her maker.
Because I am one of the souls she touched deep and deeper.
Today I’m sending this birthday letter,
for a fierce, fearless, faithful woman I call Sister! ❤

Written for my loving and gorgeous and sweet and talented and FIERCE and FEARLESS and FAITHFUL sister, Delyn of Stutter-Stepping Heart who is celebrating her birthday today, September 26. Pass on the cheesecake and grilled cheese please?! ❤ Love you!
Photo credit: Unsplash

38 thoughts on “Fierce, Fearless and…”

      1. awww. I should know your birthday, love! You share a lot with Delyn but I would love to write specifically about you, too. 😉 ❤ That's the least I can do for you making me a friend. 😉
        I am lucky to have her. And blessed to have you too. 😉

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  1. Happy birthday to Delyn! I hope she has a terrific day! It certainly gets off to a great start with your tribute! I enjoy the rhyme; it has spirit and sophistication. The message is outstanding. Fierce and fearless. Women need to be this. Everyone does, especially when in the face of oppressive troubles. I pray for you both a day and week of blessings.

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  2. I am crying my eyes out now, Rosey–my sister faraway but close in heart ❤ This is the most beautiful gift I could receive–I am totally stunned, moved, and now in a salty puddle, you sweet little fierce and faithful "monster" (teasing!) 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you–a million times, as I will never forget this blessing sent by God via your hands and heart. I love you more than I can say ❤

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      1. Unfortunately the flowers did not print–but it’s okay, I “won’t forget” them; and your words were the main gift–worth a million bucks!! I also saved Joseph’s “rose” video to my desktop–I now have a gallery of you two ❤ ❤

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